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March 4th, 2015 |

Earning a Connection to Your True Desire

Kabbalistic Concepts | March 3, 2015

Have you ever asked yourself what it is you truly desire? It is such a simple and common question, yet the answer seems to elude us day in and day out. What do you truly desire? Simply put, kabbalists define us as ‘desires on foot craving fulfillment’. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, we have a yearning to be fulfilled by... read more


Making Mistakes

Personal Transformation | March 2, 2015

Albert Einstein once said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” If this is true, then how adventurous is he who blunders! How courageous! How bold! Yet, we tend to avoid mistakes at all costs. We revel in any success we achieve after a first attempt. When we realize we’ve made a mistake, we can feel anything from... read more


Mind Over Matter

Kabbalistic Concepts | February 25, 2015

Kabbalists teach that our minds influence our reality. It’s a delicate dance of energy—think positively and you will attract positive energy into your life. Think negatively and, well, you get the picture. According to Rav Berg, "Our minds are as basic to the fabric of reality as time, space, and matter." Research shows that our beliefs about our... read more


Restricting Our Need for Recognition

Well Being | February 24, 2015

One of the reasons why this week’s portion is famous is the fact that it’s the only portion – since Moses first appears in the Torah – that his name is not mentioned at all. The literal explanation for this is that after the sin of the golden calf, the Creator told Moses he wanted to destroy the whole nation of Israel and create a new people from... read more


Giving = Living

Kabbalistic Concepts | February 20, 2015

The kabbalists explain that each week comes to us with a different energy. The ancient text of the Zohar interprets and unlocks the energy within each story, allowing our soul to access this energy at its highest levels to assist us in our spiritual work and transformation. This week, we come to the portion of Terumah, literally meaning ‘... read more


Victim to Victor

Astrology | February 17, 2015

According to the 12-month astrological calendar, Pisces is the last month of the zodiac and thus closes the total cycle. As Pisces is a mutable sign, people born in this time are naturally flexible and open to change. Intuitive, spiritual, sensitive, and creative, Pisceans make wonderful artists, musicians, and writers. They also have great... read more


The Value of Work

Personal Transformation | February 16, 2015

We generally accept that work is an important part of life. We spend 14 years or more in school with the promise that the more we learn the better career we may be able to find. Once we do find that great job, we begin preparing for retirement. From a spiritual point of view, our work is never done. Spiritual work and physical work are connected—... read more


Completing the Picture

Well Being | February 9, 2015

Do you remember middle school? There is no time in our lives quite like it—the school dances, the note passing, and the awkwardness of growing up. Who can forget that precarious time of life when the two things we want more than anything else is to fit in and to feel valued? If only we understood then what kabbalists know to be true: we do fit in... read more


What Does Spirituality Really Mean?

Personal Transformation | February 4, 2015

The word “spirituality” has many different interpretations and connotations in today’s world. So what does it really mean? "...We may think it has to do with reading books, practicing Yoga, meditating, or learning about Astrology. But Kabbalah explains to us that spirituality is about accepting that our whole reason for being is to share. It... read more


A Life Bonus

Kabbalistic Concepts | February 2, 2015

What would you do if you were suddenly handed a million dollars with no strings attached? Pay off your debts? Book a trip around the world? Or maybe purchase your dream house? It wouldn’t be hard to write a long list of the things we could do with a million dollars. But how many would spend it on others? Sure, a good number of us would “give the... read more


The Power of Self-Worth

Well Being | January 28, 2015

Self-worth is what allows us to use our abilities to become the best possible version of ourselves and know that we deserve to lead a life of fulfillment. Building up this consciousness is essential for our spiritual growth. Self-worth requires that we learn to have certainty in our own feelings and have confidence in our decision-making abilities... read more


Fake It Until You Make It

Personal Transformation | January 26, 2015

When you’re feeling down, what makes you feel positive; what gives you an optimistic, open, and powerful feeling? Many of us look outside of ourselves for a lift—watching a funny movie, spending time with a good friend, or allowing ourselves a special treat. While those are all fine ways to get a boost, is it possible to make the change internally... read more


Transforming Weaknesses into Strengths

Personal Transformation | January 22, 2015

Every week we receive a unique gift that gives us the opportunity to change, to transform. The whole point of the study and the path of Kabbalah is to understand and learn to interact with what we call the Light – that force, the source of all that we also call God – and how to maintain it in our lives with the purpose of attaining new levels in... read more


Building Your Cosmic Bank Account

Astrology | January 19, 2015

After bearing the hefty weight of Capricorn for the past month, we welcome the levity of Aquarius this week like a breath of fresh air. Aquarius is an air sign; however, among the air signs, it is the one that astrologers refer to as “fixed,” meaning that it is associated with stability, inflexibility, and the ability to hold a course. This means... read more


Meditations for the Month of Aquarius

Astrology | January 18, 2015

The New Moon, or in Hebrew Rosh Chodesh, which means “head of the month,” is the first day of the lunar month. Just as a seed contains the DNA of the entire tree, the first day of the new month contains all of the distinct forces that will be revealed that month. On the New Moon, you have the opportunity to draw power from all of the month’s... read more


Certainty in the Power of the Light

Kabbalistic Concepts | January 14, 2015

The portion of Va’era begins with one of the most dramatic and famous events in the Torah – the journey of the Israelites leaving from Egypt, known as Exodus. Many movies were created about this story and specifically around the great phenomenon of the ten plagues. My teacher, Rav Berg, would always ask, “What is the connection between a story... read more


Asking for More

Kabbalistic Concepts | January 12, 2015

Imagine you’re on the hunt for the perfect dining room table. You browse store after store, scanning for just the right piece to complete your home. Finally, you find something that meets all your requirements—it can expand to seat a larger party, it is aesthetically pleasing, and the chairs are comfortable enough. To top it all off, it’s on sale... read more


Connecting to the Redemption

Kabbalistic Concepts | January 6, 2015

The portion of Shemot describes the beginning of exile for the Israelites, while Moses argues with God as to whether he will take leadership and bring the redemption. To take a leadership role means to take responsibility over others, and that decision can be a bit scary. Being a leader means more effort, more caring, being on top of the process... read more


Is it OK to Hate?

Well Being | January 5, 2015

Spiritual study can lead to great questions. In our quest to gain a deeper understanding of Kabbalah, it is often helpful to reach out to a Kabbalah teacher. What follows is an excellent question from a student with an insightful answer from Kabbalah teacher, Marcus Weston. In the Zohar, the phrase "hatred for no reason" is said. Does that mean... read more


Losing the Extra Weight of Our Grudges

Well Being | December 31, 2014

Today we will take a trip back 3,600 years ago to Egypt to learn the power of true freedom from the son of Jacob, Joseph the Righteous. According to the Cambridge online dictionary, one of the definitions of ‘freedom’ is, “the state of not being in prison or in the condition of slavery”, so it’s appropriate to hear about it from a slave and... read more


Time for a Spiritual Tune-Up

Personal Transformation | December 29, 2014

Most mechanics recommend that we take our cars to the auto shop to be serviced every 6 months or 30,000 miles (whichever comes first). Those of us who are diligent about taking care of our automobiles comply, even when things seem to be running smoothly. “You never know…” we think to ourselves. And it’s a good thing we do. Occasionally, a mechanic... read more


Building Unity

Kabbalistic Concepts | December 24, 2014

In the Zohar portion of Vayigash, we read about a meeting between two brothers who represent two energy forces. One brother is Zeir Anpin (representing the 99% Reality) and the other is Malchut (representing the 1% physical world). The two forces also represent two messiahs – one from the House of David and the other from the House of Joseph. The... read more


Embracing Your Kingdom

Astrology | December 19, 2014

The New Moon of Capricorn coincides with the 7th candle Chanukah. The Hebrew word for this month is Tevet, coming from the root tov meaning “good,” which is especially appropriate considering the special energy of miracles that we have connected to over the past week. Generally speaking, Capricorn is a sign of polarity. It has the potential to be... read more


Tapping into our Master Plan

Personal Transformation | December 17, 2014

Rav Berg teaches that knowledge is power. A person who lives his life without knowing why he is here, or what his purpose is, lives without connecting to his spiritual destiny. This week’s portion shows us to how to live our life and connect to our master plan; mainly, that we need to alter our consciousness and go beyond our own intellect. The... read more


The Practical and Spiritual Significance of Chanukah

Holidays & Time Zones | December 15, 2014

The kabbalists teach that the purpose of holidays is not merely to commemorate historical events or to continue a tradition. It’s a time when a particular spiritual channel becomes available for us to connect with the Light of the Creator. These channels are gifts given to us by the spiritual giants of previous generations. Through their positive... read more


Making Space for Miracles

Kabbalistic Concepts | December 15, 2014

We are in the middle of a giving season—a month of blessings, miracles, and sharing. At this time of year we tend to look for miracles and attribute them to the season. In reality, everyday is a holiday; everyday is filled with miracles. It isn’t always easy to spot the miracles around us. We can become blinded by cynicism or feel convinced that... read more


Constant Elevation

Personal Transformation | December 9, 2014

Before we reach this week’s portion of Vayeshev, we read about Jacob going through a long list of transformations and spiritual achievements. He wrestled with and overcame the negative angel (which represented his evil inclination). He was protected from his brother Esau, who had wanted to kill him. He went through a long journey of trials and... read more


Unlearning Helplessness

Well Being | December 8, 2014

A man applies for job after job, each time getting passed over for another applicant. Within a couple of months, he gives up his job search. A woman repeatedly fails the entrance exam to a professional program she hopes to begin. After the third time, she gives up and decides to alter her career plans. For some of us, repeated failure can result... read more


The Secret to Gaining True Power

Well Being | December 4, 2014

The portion of Vayislach (which means ‘and he sent’) talks about the brothers Jacob and Esau, the sons of Isaac and Rebekah in the lineage of Abraham and Sarah. Right after Jacob comes back – with his family, his wealth, and his power – from the house of his father-in-law, he knows he needs to meet his brother Esau, who wanted to kill Jacob.... read more


Being There

Personal Transformation | December 1, 2014

“If we do not feel the pain of others, and feel fine as long as all is right for us, we cannot be connected to the Light of the Creator.” ~ Michael Berg We make mistakes all the time. But every so often, we make big ones. At times like these, we feel shame or regret and desire understanding from those around us while we work through a difficult... read more


Going Outside of the Box

Personal Transformation | November 25, 2014

It's a well known idea in most spiritual teachings that when we go outside of our comfort zone, good things happen. We know that this concept actually emanates out of kabbalistic teachings as part of the nature of the universe. All things in life operate this way. There is no light in a bulb without resistance, there is no new muscle tissue built... read more


What You Say Creates Your Future

Astrology | November 19, 2014

Welcome to the month of Sagittarius, Kislev in Hebrew, symbolized by the centaur archer. Sagittarians, as people, are all about expansion, be it physical expansion, as in travel and exploration, or mental expansion, as in philosophy, reading, thinking, and writing. The energy of Sagittarius contains Chanukah, the 8-day window in time through which... read more


Sharing Acts of Kindness

Kabbalistic Concepts | November 18, 2014

You’re stuck in traffic, just spotted a celebrity on the street, or you’re about to devour a delicious (and beautiful) meal—whatever the experience, it’s considered post-worthy in the world of social media. Let’s face it—very few topics are not shared on social media. The widespread availability of technology has shifted our culture to one of... read more


Doubt and Fear as a Spring Board

Kabbalistic Concepts | November 17, 2014

Rav Berg taught, many years ago, that within this week’s energy lies the secret of lasting fulfillment. Just like the light bulb, we need a filament to enjoy lasting Light (spiritual fulfillment), which we gain when we use the power of restriction in our behavior. Restriction, kabbalistically speaking, means to act differently than we would like... read more


Being a Servant of Sharing

Kabbalistic Concepts | November 10, 2014

One of Kabbalah’s core values is to selflessly share with others. Kabbalists teach that the purpose of life is to transform our Desire to Receive to the Desire to Share. Many of us believe we are generous individuals, people ready to share with others when they find themselves in dire need. We forget that we encounter opportunities to share with... read more


Be Who You Want to Be

Kabbalistic Concepts | November 4, 2014

"Be who you want to be, regardless of how everyone else is being around you." – Karen Berg In the story of this week’s portion, Vayera, we learn what true and unconditional sharing actually is. Many religions look to Abraham as the seed character of their spiritual wisdom. On the Tree of Life, he’s known to be the physical embodiment and channel... read more


Love for the World

Well Being | November 2, 2014

“God has created us to love and to be loved, and this is the beginning of prayer—to know that He loves me, that I have been created for greater things.” ~Mother Teresa The people who have made the greatest impact in the world are those who share love without agenda. There are really only two kinds of love: selfish love and unconditional love.... read more


Constant Striving

Personal Transformation | October 26, 2014

“Without challenges, life isn’t really life.” ~Karen Berg. There are plenty of times in life when we feel compelled to quit. Perhaps, it feels like we took on a few too many projects at work and suddenly become overwhelmed. Maybe we volunteered to help out when it seems we can barely find the time to tend to personal matters. Or sometimes we... read more


Transforming Bitter to Sweet

Astrology | October 21, 2014

Welcome to the month of Scorpio. Everything in this universe exists in polarity: Wherever there is potential for darkness and negativity, there is equal potential for Light and positivity. When the kabbalists call this month “Mar Cheshvan,” meaning “bitter Scorpio,” what they are really saying is that during this month, we have the greatest... read more


Judgment and Mercy

Kabbalistic Concepts | October 20, 2014

There are two names for two types of energy: judgment and mercy. Judgment is Left Column energy; it’s the order in the universe, the cause and effect, the energy of the Desire to Receive. We cannot change it. Mercy is the Endless, it’s Right Column energy; the seed of creation that is above nature, a sharing energy that manifests in our being... read more


The Desire to Help

Kabbalistic Concepts | October 19, 2014

Susan Burton had hit the lowest point in her life. A struggle with alcohol and crack cocaine addiction led to a string of stints in prison. After her last release a prison guard said, “I’ll see you back in a little while.” Burton knew she needed to make some life changes. She entered rehab and began to piece together a new life. Once on her feet,... read more


Spiritual Reset

Personal Transformation | October 13, 2014

Have you ever made a mistake in your life and created a lot of chaos? Then, while you are making an effort to fix the chaos, it just seems to get worse? Now you find yourself feeling really frustrated, sad, angry, resentful or ashamed. Don’t you wish that you could press a reset button that would allow you to go back to the beginning of the... read more


Hiding In Plain Sight

Personal Transformation | October 12, 2014

You’re late for work. In a mad rush you scramble to collect your things–jacket, coffee, keys–only to find that your cell phone has gone missing. You rifle through the papers on your desk, scan the room, and retrace your steps from the past 30 minutes. Nothing. You begin to panic. Where is it? Finally, you spot it. There it is on the kitchen... read more


Spiritual Block Party

Holidays & Time Zones | October 5, 2014

Summer is over. The season of pool parties and barbeques has come to a close. But the kabbalistic calendar offers us one more chance to connect with neighbors – Sukkot. Think of Sukkot, which begins this week, as a spiritual block party, bringing together both your closest loved ones and the new kids in the neighborhood. Sukkot closes out the... read more


Opening the Gates of Heaven

Holidays & Time Zones | September 30, 2014

The year is 1736; you are peasant in a faraway country ruled by a mighty king. Imagine that – against all odds – you receive an invitation to visit the palace and speak with the king. You might take a long time to prepare for this meeting, maybe even a year. When you get to the palace, you find great walls and huge gates, patrolled by armed guards... read more


Being The Kindness You Want To See

Astrology | September 22, 2014

This month, the universe grants us the opportunity to neutralize any negative energy that we may have put out into the cosmos throughout the year. From Rosh Hashanah to Simchat Torah, we can use the kabbalistic spiritual technology available to cancel judgments and decrees for ourselves and for the world. (To learn more about these holidays, click... read more


Meditations for the Month of Libra

Astrology | September 20, 2014

The New Moon, or in Hebrew Rosh Chodesh, which means “head of the month,” is the first day of the lunar month. Just as a seed contains the DNA of the entire tree, the first day of the new month contains all of the distinct forces that will be revealed that month. On the New Moon, you have the opportunity to draw power from all of the month’s... read more


The Tool of Prayer

Prayer & Meditation | September 17, 2014

The portion of Nitzavim speaks about unity. In the beginning, it says "you are standing here today..." Using second person plural tense, it then changes to second person singular, and finally ends with singular tense. The change of tenses occurs in order to show us that the Israelites need to be unified on all levels in order to merit taking over... read more


Rosh Hashanah Study Guide Week 5

Holidays & Time Zones | September 16, 2014

It's the 11th hour. There's no nice way to say it. But there are many nice things about it. This week, you'll feel the walls caving in around you. One or more of your bigger issues will come to a head. That means you will see the depths of your darkness, not because you did something wrong, but because the clock is ticking and you still have some... read more


Spiritual Housecleaning

Holidays & Time Zones | September 15, 2014

Ah, autumn. Students return to the academic grind with brand new notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils. The leaves begin to change their color, signaling the shift in seasons. It is fitting that Rosh Hashanah falls around this time. The New Year is a time to let go of bad habits, reassess our behavior, and clean up our thoughts in preparation... read more


Rosh Hashanah Study Guide Week 4

Holidays & Time Zones | September 9, 2014

It's no coincidence that the month of Virgo precedes Rosh Hashanah – the energy behind the constellation of Virgo and the planet Mercury basically forces us to look inward with a critical eye at the blockages that impede our spiritual growth. But it's also characteristic of Virgos to beat themselves up for their imperfections; another trait that... read more


Take Back Your Light

Kabbalistic Concepts | September 8, 2014

We are now in the month of Virgo, the month leading up to the holiday of Rosh Hashanah. This month is commonly known to be a time in which one does teshuvah, or repentance, for all their negative actions throughout the year. However, Kabbalah views teshuvah as much more empowering than simply "repenting"; teshuvah is actually the process through... read more


Rosh Hashanah Study Guide Week 3

Holidays & Time Zones | September 3, 2014

Last week’s work was to look inward and make a written list of your unsavory leftovers – those aspects of yourself that should be removed from your vessel before coming to the heavenly court session at Rosh Hashanah. Did you notice how the ego can even distort a spiritual process such as removing negativity? We consider our faults and think, “Aw... read more


Spiritual Common Sense

Kabbalistic Concepts | September 2, 2014

Maybe I will accept that job as a knife thrower’s human target? Is Bad Boy Biker Billy a guy I need to seriously consider dating? Should I have a side of Super Sized Starchy Fries with my Pastrami Attack sandwich? Or, They are offering me a six figure salary and great health benefits, but I’m still not sure… Really? When someone is confronted... read more


There Are No Small Actions

Kabbalistic Concepts | August 31, 2014

There are no small actions. Have you heard this saying before? When you are walking down the street and come across a wallet or phone that was lost, for example, Kabbalah teaches that it was on purpose that you came across it, that there was a reason for it. The reason you are coming across this wallet or this phone is because you - either now or... read more


Rosh Hashanah Study Guide Week 2

Holidays & Time Zones | August 26, 2014

Most of us live our lives waiting for things to happen – around us, in our relationships, at our jobs, even within. One of the main reasons these things don't happen is because we don't DEMAND CHANGE. We are content to go with the flow, to roll with the punches, to wait for life to change us. After all, we've done our share of changing, right?... read more


Meditations for the Month of Virgo

Astrology | August 23, 2014

The New Moon, or in Hebrew Rosh Chodesh, which means “head of the month,” is the first day of the lunar month. Just as a seed contains the DNA of the entire tree, the first day of the new month contains all of the distinct forces that will be revealed that month. On the New Moon, you have the opportunity to draw power from all of the month’s... read more


Rosh Hashanah Study Guide Week 1

Holidays & Time Zones | August 20, 2014

Today begins our Rosh Hashanah preparation. The fifth book of Moses, Devarim, combined with the month of Leo, provides us with the perfect environment to begin our studies on Rosh Hashanah. We are 5 weeks away from beginning that journey together, and these 5 weeks are crucial to making the most of your preparation for Rosh Hashanah. So to start... read more


The Picture Beyond the Curtain

Kabbalistic Concepts | August 18, 2014

Many years ago, Rav Berg said that the name of this portion, Re’eh, is unusual. It is the only portion in the Torah that shares a name with one of the 72 Names of God, and it has a strong meaning. The word Re’eh means 'to see', but in kabbalistic terms it means to see far beyond our 5 senses. The total number of verses in this portion is 126 (... read more


Words of Creation

Prayer & Meditation | August 17, 2014

Contrary to popular belief, when we pray, it’s not that we go through an intermediary, or, God. It’s actually that we are creating the change ourselves. We, through prayer, have the power to draw into our lives what we are praying for by awakening a true, constant certainty of the presence of the Light of the Creator within us. When you awaken the... read more


Never Face the World Alone

Well Being | August 14, 2014

Today we will discuss how we never, ever face the world by ourselves. What if no one could see me, what if no one would ever know? What would I do if I could get away with it and no person in the world could judge me for it? Have you ever thought like that? Do you know what I’m talking about? Can you taste the flavor of the forbidden action with... read more


Forget About It

Kabbalistic Concepts | August 10, 2014

"The more you give, the more you get." We’ve all heard this before. But have you tried it and found the results very disappointing? You give and give, just to find you’re getting nothing back? Yes? Then the problem most likely lies in the way in which you’re giving. Kabbalah teaches that there’s actually a specific method through which every... read more


Tu B’Av: The Most Joyous Day of the Year

Holidays & Time Zones | July 19, 2013

Some call it the “love holiday,” or the “day of soul mates.” The Talmud calls it “the most joyous day of the year.” While there are many different explanations around what is so special about Tu B’Av, there is one in particular that I find tremendously profound: Tu B’Av, the 15th of Av, is forty days before the date of Creation, the 25th of Elul,... read more

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