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Posted In: Personal Transformation Posted On: February 01, 2015

Last week, in the reading known as Beshalach, we connected to the power of mind over matter through the 72 Names of God. This week, all of that energy is manifested through the giving of the Ten Commandments.

What we learn from the kabbalists and what we teach at the Kabbalah Centre is that the Ten Commandments, or the Ten Utterances, were not orders that God gave to the people to dictate what they could and could not do. Instead, they represent the totality of the spiritual energy given by the Creator to all humanity at Mt. Sinai.

This week, that energy is given to us again. How can we connect to it? Well, as we know, there is this idea of similarity of form, “like attracts like.” The Energy of the Creator is an energy of pure sharing and perfect love. The more we can bring ourselves to think and behave with tolerance and human dignity, the more of this revelation we can bring through our being to others and the world.

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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: January 31, 2015

The conglomeration of our positive thoughts, words, and actions, paves a pathway to positive global change. When we share and treat everyone with dignity, we reveal the piece of the Creator that is part of us. We are the peacekeepers. You and me and “them.” All of us.

It is up to us, in our daily lives, to be aware of our own intolerances. When we disagree—in politics, in business, in our personal relationships—we need to give the other person the space to live and worship safely. That is our job, and now, more than ever before, by doing so, we have the ability to enact true and lasting change.

72 Name #47

Affirmation for the Day:

I am a part of a universal network of consciousness. By treating others with human dignity and kindness, I do...

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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: January 30, 2015

Today, I write to you from the holy city of Safed in northern Israel. This Shabbat is known as Shabbat Beshalach, which as we have mentioned is the revelation of the energy of the 72 Names of God (several of which I have posted about throughout the week)

This Shabbat, I would like us all to focus our energies again towards the name I wrote about on Tuesday - the mem yud hey for unity.

The reason for this is that while there are so many specific names that we can use to make changes in our lives-- the aleph lamed daled for protection from evil eye, the mem yud caf for overcoming fear, the yud yud zayin for guarding our speech—the name for unity encompasses all of them: for if we recognize the true unity that exists between us- the unity of our souls-then...

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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: January 30, 2015

It is so easy to be consumed by our goals to the detriment of other aspects of our life. How often have we said or thought, “When I am 60, I’ll finally be able to enjoy my kids and my family and all the things I would have done if I had only made the time”? How many of us go through each day just to get to the next day or to the time when we will finally be able to live and share and be and do all that we are destined to do? How many of us put off living because we are so busy trying to catch up?

This kind of consciousness—this “living for tomorrow”—is in itself a form of bondage. It is a form of working towards something that may or may not happen. But there is an alternative.

The alternative is to inject appreciation and joy into the life we are living right now.

Today, let’s live in appreciation.

Imagine a world in which every person would simply get up in the morning and say, “Wow, I have eyes to see and hands to feel! Thank You, God!” Then just...

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Posted In: Kabbalistic Concepts Posted On: January 29, 2015

Being a force of kindness in the lives of others begins with acting with kindness towards ourselves. It takes only one small candle to bring light to a darkened room, and that one flame can light the wicks of thousands of others. But the flame must be lit before it can share.

Today, practice being kind to yourself so you can light the candles of those around you. You have a spark of the Creator within you. Recognize it and treat yourself with human dignity. You have the ability and responsibility to transmit your Light to others, because ultimately, this is how real and lasting change will come.

72 Name #23

Affirmation for the Day:

I recognize the spark of the Creator that resides within me, and I am sending its Light into the...

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Posted In: Prayer & Meditation Posted On: January 28, 2015

This is a week when we can receive a fresh perspective and can practice being open to the universe.

For example, when we are really trying to do the right thing and something happens unexpectedly and we are baffled by it, we can say, “Wait a second. Maybe this is a message for me to change something within myself. Maybe this situation is coming from the Light. Maybe there is something else I have to do to go to my next level.”

Oftentimes, the greatest blessings in our lives are cloaked in difficulties and challenges that we come up against. By meditating on today’s Name, we can gain the ability to see the lesson or the message in everything that comes our way.

72 Name #70

Affirmation for the Day:

I know that there are no...

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Posted In: Kabbalistic Concepts Posted On: January 27, 2015

Imagine the destruction that just a few individuals can wreak upon society and the world. With enough intention, any group of people is powerful, even if it sometimes exists for the wrong reasons. So in these chaotic times, let’s think about how we can affect the world if we weave together our individual strands of consciousness to blanket the world with positive energy.

Think of the power of a few simple hashtags—#illridewithyou, #jesuischarlie, or #iamnigeria—in creating a connection between people of all nationalities and walks of life. If we can come together in our goal of creating human dignity for all, then together we can move mountains.

The foundation of this unity is the concept that what’s more important than being right is being capable of understanding the views of others and working together with them. We can all be great in what we do. But we can be even greater if we do it together.


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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: January 26, 2015

It often requires effort to find common ground with those who think, look, live, or pray differently than we do. But sometimes it can be even harder to find common ground in our existing interpersonal relationships.

What we need to learn is that when we love someone—a partner, a friend, or a family member—and they exhibit unpleasant mood swings or push our buttons, we still need to extend them love without agenda, just as we would have them extend love to us with all of our frailties and shortcomings.

This doesn’t mean that we cannot set healthy boundaries or that we have to put up with someone treating us badly. It does mean, however, that we need to allow those close to us to feel that they are a part of us—even when they are “off their game” so to speak or when they act like a child rather than an adult.

We can receive the gift of unconditional love when we are ready and willing to extend it ourselves.


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Posted In: Prayer & Meditation Posted On: January 25, 2015

This week’s Bible portion is Beshalach, a very powerful portion in which 72 Names of God are revealed to mankind.

The 72 Names are 72 three-letter combinations of Hebrew letters, each combination channeling its unique energy from the Upper Worlds into our world through the letters themselves. We can connect with these letters simply by passing our eyes over them with the conscious intent of connecting to their energy.

At the Kabbalah Centre, we teach that any person can use these Names as a spiritual tool to connect with the spark of Divine Essence within and to make transformations at the seed level—the level of consciousness. To learn more about the 72 Names of God, click here.

With all confusion and the negativity in the world right now, our collective meditation, prayers, and energy are especially important, so each day this week, I will...

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Posted In: Astrology Posted On: January 24, 2015

Because they are able to see through and anticipate the end result of most endeavors, Aquarians have a tendency to rush through things. They want the work to be over with already. They have a hard time “slowing down for the ride,” so to speak, because in their mind, what they have envisioned is as simple and clear as if it has already come to pass.

Since all of us are affected by the energy of Aquarius this month, let’s make sure to take a moment to pause and not rush to make snap decisions.

For the next few weeks, take the time to allow yourself to really think things through and plan accordingly. Cross your t’s and dot your i’s this month. Be detailed and work step by step to make your plans a reality. Don’t fly by the seat of your pants. At the same time, however, do think outside the box and do keep moving forward!

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