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Posted In: Personal Transformation Posted On: July 11, 2014

Many people believe spirituality means sitting on a mountain to meditate all day. But really it’s just the opposite. Spirituality is about becoming more involved with removing people’s pain in mainstream reality. The more work you do for others – not separate from them – the higher you evolve spiritually.

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Posted In: Kabbalistic Concepts Posted On: July 10, 2014

My father died in 1942, right before I was born. Mother was looking to make a life for herself, so I spent most of my time with my grandmother. I was really close to her, and with her help, I raised myself.

Eventually, my mother married my stepdad. You would think after this second marriage, my life would have settled down, but it didn’t. Altogether, in fact, I went to 13 different public schools. It was a nomadic, unstable experience—one where I never had the protection of a "normal" household or family.

Externally, I was a mess. I was five years behind in reading, and my classmates constantly made fun of me, calling me "stupid." One night, some kids threw me into a construction pit. I couldn’t get out, and I was terrified I would die down there.

So I started crying.

Why am I telling you all of this? Is it your sympathy I seek? Not at all.

That incident was a turning point in my life. It was the first time I had ever felt the presence of God, Who...

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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: July 09, 2014

We are here to learn to give our loved ones the energy that allows them to feel that they always are part of us, even when they are moody, angry, or hurt, or even when they act like children instead of adults.

This is the gift of unconditional love, and the only way we can receive such a gift is when we’re capable of giving it. This is the kind of love that the Creator has for us.

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Posted In: Personal Transformation Posted On: July 08, 2014

What is a spiritual person?

A spiritual person acts with consciousness, knowing that there are steps to take to become closer to the Light of the Creator.

Spiritual people do not do good things simply because they think that’s what is expected of them. They do good things because that is what they expect of themselves.

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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: July 07, 2014

When the Israelites were in the desert, they were given food one day at a time. They were told not to create a stockpile; the manna would fall from the sky everyday.

The message in this is actually quite simple and clear: Today is the day that counts. The Creator will provide for us each day. There is no such thing right now as “tomorrow.”

If we aren’t capable of giving of ourselves today, if we aren’t able to establish a connection to the Divine love that each of us has within, then we have yet to understand this important lesson—that each day is in itself the fulfillment.

No person on earth has a guarantee that tomorrow will happen.

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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: July 04, 2014

In order for there to be Light in our work, we must first acknowledge that we are who we are and we are able to do what we do because of the blessing of the Creator. If it weren’t for the Divine blessing bestowed upon each of us, then we wouldn’t be that winner, that actor, that singer, that business person.

Indeed, every blessing we receive as part of our personal karma can be used for the benefit of something or someone else in the world. If we don’t have this consciousness and we do what we do because we think we are the be-all and end-all, then the energy we receive cannot last.

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Posted In: Kabbalistic Concepts Posted On: July 02, 2014

Most of us living in this world are governed by the "I." The "I" is concerned with questions like: How are people going to view me? How will I relate to my family and my friends? What does this person think of me? Am I recognized and approved of by that person?

The "I" is the physical part of me, not the spiritual part. The spiritual part of me is secure, sharing, loving, and loved.

Today, when you get busy with the worries of the "I," stop for a second. Take a deep breath. Walk around the block. Reconnect with your spiritual essence and then return to the situation at hand with a renewed sense of strength.

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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: July 01, 2014

When we like someone, he or she can raise hell and we’ll just say, “Isn’t that sweet?” But when we don’t like someone or that person rubs us the wrong way, then the color of their shirt, the way they walk, the way they speak- even the most minor of quirks - can make us cringe from them. The reason for this is that our perspective is internal and may have little to do with the true nature of the other person

To avoid doing this, we must consistently plead with the Creator to open our mind to see things as they are…without being colored by our prejudices, assumptions, and calculations.

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Posted In: Astrology Posted On: July 01, 2014

Cancer is a water sign of emotion and depth. Since Cancer is ruled by the moon, people born under this sign are, on the one hand, highly intuitive and empathetic, and, on the other hand, moody and overly sensitive. For this reason, one of the Cancer’s spiritual missions in this world is to find a way to balance his or her watery center. They often form a sort of shell to protect themselves from getting hurt; hence, their mascot: the crab.

Known for their love of home and family life, Cancers seek and maintain strong family ties. In fact, there is often nothing more important to a Cancer than close relationships. But as with all of us, sometimes those things that we chase the most are the things that either come last for us or give us the most difficulty. Look at Henry VIII (one of the better-known Cancers): All he wanted was an heir, yet only after six ill-fated wives did he come out with one.

What’s the lesson here?

This month, we need to remember that to...

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Posted In: Personal Transformation Posted On: June 30, 2014

It is said that there are three ways we can change something that is destined to happen to us. One is with prayer, the second is by giving charity, and the third is by changing our ways. The most powerful is the last. There are destinies we can undo when we make the effort to sincerely transform our negative attributes.

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