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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: April 17, 2015

We can never really learn to love until we learn that WE ARE LOVE inside of ourselves.

The more we can understand this, the freer we become.

There is a story in which the students of Rav Zusha approached him and found him white faced and crying. They asked him what was wrong. He replied, “I’ve just had a vision, and in that vision I went Upstairs and when I went up there, they didn’t ask me why I wasn’t as humble as Moses or as mighty as Joshua? No, they asked me, ‘why weren’t you more like Zusha?’”

Each one of us has been put here with a specific purpose and role. We are each an important piece of a grand puzzle. We are not built to be “perfect.” Rather, we are built to be who we are and our job is to do the best we can from that place.

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Posted In: Kabbalistic Concepts Posted On: April 16, 2015

I have seen a man take an electric bulb, place his hands on opposites sides, breathe deeply, and light the bulb, just by himself. I’ve also seen people lift other people with their hands and move them from one place to another, regardless of their weight or size. Of course, these are just exercises demonstrating certain individuals’ mastery over their energy. But they actually signify something far greater—that we as human beings were given a tremendous ability to change even our physicality. We have within us the potential to heal and transform ourselves, as well as that which is around us.

Viktor Frankel, in his book Man’s Search for Meaning, said “Everything can be taken from a man except for one thing—the last of all human freedoms: The ability to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances, the ability to choose one’s own way.”

Today, no matter what your circumstances, no matter how heavy they may seem to weigh upon you, choose to exercise your...

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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: April 15, 2015

A lot of us think our responsibility lies with other people. As a result, when something happens that throws us off course, we immediately look for a scapegoat.

When we come from this place of blame, however, we are just binding ourselves into our own bondage, our reactive consciousness. The truth is that the minute we fall into judgement of others, ourselves, or the situation before us, we lose the opportunity to see and immediately act upon the chance to reconnect to the Light.

Each one of us is a teacher and each one of us is a student, meaning all the things that happen in our life are there as lessons for us to learn from.

When we are able to view our reality through the lens of personal responsibility rather than through the lens of judgment and blame, we gain the ability to free ourselves of the karmic influences that keep us experiencing the same patterns over and over again. And so, we consistently need to ask ourselves: “Why am I in this picture? What...

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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: April 08, 2015

To care for someone is to want to feel a closeness with that person. In effect, we are saying to that person, “I want you to be a part of me; therefore, I will try my best to relate to you in your language and on your level.”

To care is to create unity, but to achieve this oneness, we must be prepared to give up our own level of comfort to create a bridge between us and the other person. If we are unable to bridge the gap—if we can’t move outside of ourselves and our comfort zone, if we can’t see the other person’s needs—then there is no love.

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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: April 06, 2015

This past Friday night, Kabbalah Centre students from all over the world gathered together in many different places for the Pesach Seder connection. Together, as a global community, we experienced a taste of the magnificent spiritual freedom that was available during that powerful cosmic window.

Now is time to take all of the energy that we received and begin to incorporate it into our own truth, each one of us at our own level. Now is the time to “walk the talk.” Because you know what? True freedom is not a one night affair. It is a lifetime process that we work for minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day..

As we change, the world changes--but it starts from within us and it starts from the here and now.

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Posted In: Prayer & Meditation Posted On: March 20, 2015

A righteous man and his friend come into a spiritual place, a place of prayer. As they are approaching the front door, however, the righteous man says, “I can’t go in there.”

“Why not?” the friend asks, puzzled.

The righteous man responds, “Oh, it’s full. It’s full of prayer. It’s full of tears. It’s full of wanting. The atmosphere is too full. I can’t enter there.”

The friend is truly confused now. “But isn’t that what’s supposed to be there? I mean, it is a place of prayer. So it should be full of prayers, right?”

But the righteous man says gently, “No, it’s not supposed to be so full. All of those prayers were supposed to have gone Upstairs, all of that desire elevated. That it wasn’t tells me that there is a lack of love in that place, for where there is affinity between people, where there is a form of unity, that is the place where prayers can rise from the physical up to the...

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Posted In: Personal Transformation Posted On: March 19, 2015

One of the gifts of this week’s energy (corresponding to portion Vayikra) is the concept of appropriate sacrifices and of sharing the gifts that the Creator gave us. So now is the time for each of us to check in with a few questions:

1. What is my gift?
2. How am I consciously sharing my gift with others?
3. How can I expand myself to share more of my individual Light in this world?

Let us pray that by our actions of kindness and by our ability to share our gifts, we move ourselves and the world towards all that is good and sweet in life.

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Posted In: Personal Transformation Posted On: March 18, 2015

God doesn’t make deals, although we try to make deals with God all the time. Sometimes we say, “I will pray three times a day and do x, y, and z, if only You will do this one thing for me.” Then we question why God isn’t manifesting what we want in our lives, even though we know we are doing all the “right” things.

Sometimes, the reason we aren’t getting what we want is because we are trying to negotiate. In this world, the only “deal” that we can make with God is to be the very best person that we can be. To achieve this level of enlightenment is the only task that God has given us to do.

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Posted In: Personal Transformation Posted On: March 17, 2015

As we go come closer to the energy, the Force, that we call the Final Redemption—the time when chaos and suffering will be wiped from the earth—we may find that our lives are becoming more and more difficult in one way or another. This is why people are gravitating to spirituality, searching for answers in ways they have never considered or even thought of before.

There are always those who will fall victim to the negativity surrounding them and say, “Forget it,” and do drugs or look for other ways to escape. But in truth, all the difficulties we face are opportunities for us to grow, not to run away. The world is our playing field, and everything we experience is designed to help us win this Game of Life.

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Posted In: Personal Transformation Posted On: March 16, 2015

A person who has truly become spiritual had to work very hard for it by overcoming many hurdles and tests that push us as human beings to become more involved in the spiritual side of things. The Rav used to say that it is very simple to flow with the tide when things are going our way, but the way that we respond and react when things are not going our way is what builds our spirituality. The difficulties and pressure we encounter are what push us to do, to make, to move forward, to grow, and to become more than we are today.

True spirituality is the result of the tests that we undergo throughout life to refine ourselves and to become closer to the Lightforce. We learn to have tolerance. We learn not to be arrogant, not to be egotistical. We learn to love and share.

But the only way we can learn is by deciding that when we see the door opening, we won’t close it, and instead of looking for ways to “escape” our reality, we look for the lesson within it.

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