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Posted In: Personal Transformation Posted On: October 22, 2014

The sacred ancient text of the Zohar tells us that we are living in the time of the darkness before the dawn: the time when all of the negativity that has been injected into the universe by humankind is coming to the surface.

It’s as if the rug we have been sitting on all these years is being pulled out from under us, and layers upon layers of dust and dirt are being shaken out all over the place.

Now it is up to us—all of us who are on a spiritual path—to be the ones to make the connection in the darkness, to be the lighthouse for others, to grow our consciousness and care for the people around us. The Light we create through our kindnesses and through the human dignity we extend to others will be the Light that guides our fellow beings forward on their path.

“It is up to us to care for the people around us.”

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Posted In: Kabbalistic Concepts Posted On: October 21, 2014

Whatever we want to receive from the Light of the Creator is what we need to extend to others.

If we want the Light to be open and giving with us, then we need to be open and giving with others. If we need kindness, then we need to show kindness. If we want love, then we need to bestow love. If we need to be fulfilled, then we need see how we can fulfill others.

The universe is a mirror reflecting back to us what we put out there.

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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: October 20, 2014

Every difficulty we encounter is a reminder to let go and trust God.

For instance, when it comes to forgiveness, everything we experience is a test. When we get stuck in an unforgiving way, it is an indication that we have not yet learned the lesson intended for us.

The essence of forgiveness lies in understanding that there is really nothing to forgive. No one has harmed us, nor can they ever harm us. We are all clay in the Potter’s hand and have been put in exactly the right place at exactly the right time so that we may eventually fulfill our destinies.

Other people never truly hurt us; we hurt ourselves by disconnecting from the Light Force and everything negative in our lives is designed to help us remember this fact.

When we see the truth of this, it becomes easier to forgive those whom we feel have wronged us and ultimately to move on.

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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: October 18, 2014

When Moses brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, they sang a song; the song was called Az Yashir, Hebrew for "they will sing." When King Solomon built the Temple, he wrote the Shir HaShirim (Hebrew for "the song of songs"), the most elevated song that had ever existed.

We in our times are a different people, but we also have a song to sing. Although we hail from different places in the world, different backgrounds, different religions—in fact, many other "differents"—each of us has a spark of the Creator within and thus we can sing from one soul. For we are people bound together in spiritual Light with an understanding of the spiritual laws and tools of the universe.

Today, I invite you to join me in this song so that the strength of our souls can reverberate Light throughout the whole world:

"My Creator, please walk through my feet, talk through my mouth, and give me Your hand, for I am small and minute in the shadow...

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Posted In: Well Being Posted On: October 17, 2014

One of the first things we learn on our spiritual path is to develop a love for our Creator. But how do we develop a love for that which is not visible or containable? Where within ourselves can we find this concept of love when it’s not something that we can directly feel or see or appreciate?

The answer is simply that the love we seek is right here within us and among us. It is the love that we afford each other.

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Posted In: Holidays & Time Zones Posted On: October 16, 2014

As of Rosh Hashanah, we have entered the year 5775. Out of all the years in history, this specific one— this number 5775—appears in the Zohar and in the Torah. So what’s the significance?

Interestingly, the numerical value of 5775 is the same as that of the Hebrew words “sha-ah ata,” which means “now is the time.” The point is that now is the time to create a difference in the world, in ourselves, and in the people around us. So how are we going to do this? What is the path to peace?

As I mentioned on Rosh Hashanah, we don’t need to transform ourselves into angels or righteous beings overnight. No, the idea is that we practice exhibiting a slight change in our behavior and consciousness towards others by extending the force of kindness.

Now you may think that this doesn’t sound so hard. Being kind is easy, right? And it’s true: It is nice and comfortable to be kind. Well, most of the time. Except when it’s not, and...

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Posted In: Personal Transformation Posted On: October 15, 2014

We might wake up in the morning and pray, say a blessing over our food, or use other spiritual tools to help us on our way. But really, all of these things are just “basic training” in our process of learning how to feel the energy of the next person and how to treat him or her as we would like to be treated.

Each one of us has a spark of the Creator within. Each one of us has the ability to say, “That person is just so annoying, and I cannot stand being around him. But you know what? He has the Light of the Creator within, and if I can, I must help him become what he needs to be.”

By saying this, we are learning to be ever conscious that there is always a greater reason than we first think for every interaction we find ourselves part of.

This is what is asked of us on the spiritual path.

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Posted In: Holidays & Time Zones Posted On: October 08, 2014

This week, we gather together to connect to the holiday of Sukkot, the kabbalistic cosmic window for Right-Column Energy, which is kindness, love, giving, and appreciation.

I must say that this year, Sukkot comes at a good time. Now, more than ever before, we are in need of its positivity. There is no question that the darkness is getting darker in the world, with sickness, violence, and all other sorts of chaos erupting with unprecedented intensity. We also have the astrological phenomenon known as the Blood Moon, a very rare occurrence that has marked negative events in history including the Spanish Inquisition and Israel's War of Independence in 1492 and 1948 respectively.

The Zohar tells us that when wethose of us with spiritual tools and consciousnessact with kindness, then kindness will reign in the world,...

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Posted In: Master Kabbalists & Their Writings Posted On: October 05, 2014

What can I say about how much you mean to me, all that we have been through together, and all that I learned from you?

When we started on our journey we were just the four of us -- you and I, and my two girls. We had, $4000 to our name. You wanted us to live in Israel. I didn’t because I did not know the language. We had no family there. People were against us. But somehow you helped me to see why you wanted us to be there. Slowly in your way you touched the heart of one person at a time, just as you had touched mine. One by one, sharing your passion for this wisdom and path.

Today, I look around and there are so many Centres around the world and thousands of people who I am so grateful to be in service of. Who would have thought? … And I can honestly say that none of it would have happened without your persistence and certainty, constantly pushing us forward. You would not turn aside when you knew that it was the right thing to do.

This was not naturally my...

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Posted In: Master Kabbalists & Their Writings Posted On: October 02, 2014

There are special times during the year when the souls we love that have passed are closest to us. These are wonderful times to express ourselves to them, and ask for their support and energy.

At this time, the anniversary month of my husband Rav Berg’s passing, there are many who will not be able to join us to make a direct connection yet would like to send the Rav a prayer. I invite you to do so on this link and I will take it to the Rav on October 6th, the day of the Rav’s elevation. It will be my honor and my privilege to be a messenger for those of you who want to connect to the Rav’s energy but cannot be with us physically.

To send your message to the Rav, click this link and enter your letter here.



To learn about the Live Stream from Israel on the Rav's Day of Elevation, ...

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