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This time of year, many of us find ourselves engaging in some sort of heavy-duty spring cleaning. For instance, those of us who are preparing for the holiday of Pesach know that part of the process is cleansing our homes of even the smallest crumbs of chametz (bread and other leaven). According to the kabbalists, Pesach is not a religious holiday. Rather, it is a spiritual window of opportunity to allow us to reach another spiritual level regardless of our faith or practice. Therefore, just as the energy of the astrological month affects all of us no matter what our personal birth sign, we all can expect to be affected by Pesach’s influence, whether we observe the holiday or not. So what is this cleaning all about anyway? The answer is that the cleaning we are talking about is not really external cleaning. In our lives, many of us ask to gain freedom from challenges of all kinds: relationship difficulties, financial stress, worries about health. We also ask for the freedom to believe... Read More
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Welcome to the month of Aries, known in Hebrew as “Rosh HaChodeshim” or “head of all of the months.” Before I go into some tips that can help us navigate this month’s energy, I’d like to share a little about the nature of people born under this sign. Courageous and intellectual, kind and generous, Arians tend to be known for their youthful approach to life. So fiery is the energy of people born under the sign of Aries that in conventional astrology, the Arian is known as “the child of the universe.” This makes sense because like children Arians are people that are usually the first to step up to a challenge. They don’t go around anything. If there happens to be a wall, an Arian will probably have the audacity to go straight through it—or at least try. Arians are also individuals who love their freedom. Even though their lives are dependent on love and appreciation, they can have a hard time staying in relationships because they don’t want to be controlled by anybody. They may be madly... Read More
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Someone once asked me this question: If it is true that in this universe, there is a system of cause and effect, what is the payment for envy and greed? This is great question because, for sure, each and every one of us goes through times where we get stuck these negative states. Quite simply, the payment for these feelings is the feelings themselves. Let’s say, for example, that we are envious. The “punishment,” so to speak, is the envy itself because by our envy, we are never satisfied in this life. When we have envy, then no matter what we have—even if it is so much—there is always someone else that has something more that we want, and thus we are not able to appreciate that which is around us. Now what about when we are in a state of greed? In this state, we become prisoners to our pursuit of wealth and we can no longer appreciate our life as it exists. Our greed becomes our prison. And our prison is our punishment. When we have greed, we do not live happily because we can't live... Read More


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In the midst of such chaos in my life, I have been able to find peace through studying Kabbalah. Without any doubts whatsoever, I would highly recommend anyone to call. I am so thankful for The Kabbalah Centre, because it has made all the difference in my spiritual growth and development.


- Susan Perry Simpson

Kabbalah is the best gift I have had this year. But it did not come easy. It is a result of a lot of hard, focused, and disciplined work my teacher guided me through. Often I had to go out of my comfort zone to apply the tools. But the satisfaction and confidence I now feel is indescribable.

- Sam Parnaso

Now I look back and question what exactly I did and how I managed without these teachings in my life.

- Christopher Smith