Any difficulty, challenge, or negativity that we experience in our lives is there either to help us grow or to cleanse us. I’ve said this a hundred times, but I’ll say it again: Without pain, we cannot grow. When we exercise and lift weights and stretch ourselves physically, our bodies become stronger. We understand and accept this. But when it comes to inner strength and “building” our soul, there are times when we want it for free, when we don’t want to do the heavy lifting that is required for true spiritual growth. Other times, we feel we have really extended ourselves and we think ”Ok, can I just relax now?” or “Ok, where is my prize?” At these moments, we better reconsider our goals because the strength and Light that we build within ourselves is the true reward of spiritual work. The key is the certainty that whatever is in our lives at this moment is the very best for our process and growth. Read More
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The kabbalists tell us that there is a deeper reason and meaning behind everything that we read in the Bible. For example, the first of the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai opens with “I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the house of bondage, out of the land of Egypt.” According to the kabbalists, there are many secrets that emerge from this single statement. We learn, for example, that each of us is a slave to something and that real freedom is available to us only through the Light of the Creator. How, though, are we slaves? Some of us are slaves to business. Some of us are slaves to power. Some of us are slaves to constant thoughts of: “Where am I going to be? How am I going to be remembered? How am I going to establish myself in this world?” “Out of the house of bondage” means several things. First, it means that with spiritual tools and the appropriate consciousness, we can learn to free ourselves from the bondage of our own reactive nature. For example,... Read More
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The ending of chaos will not come if we love our girlfriend but at the same time treat our coworkers disrespectfully, or if we love our brother but hate our neighbor who has more than us or is better looking than us or seems to get all of things that we believe we deserve. No, we don’t need to like and be liked by everyone, but we do need to be able to show human dignity to everyone, even if we don’t agree with them and even if we feel we have less than they have. Read More
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Every time we fall, every time we try and fail, every time a project doesn’t work out, we need to remember that whatever happened did so only to show us that there is another rung that we need to ascend on our spiritual ladder. When we finally carve out for ourselves a groove, a comfortable place where we feel things are working out and we are happy and satisfied, we should certainly appreciate the Light in our lives, but we shouldn’t feel so proud. Because you know what? When things seem easy and life is running smoothly, it just means that we have reached a plateau in our spiritual growth. Eventually, however, we will need to move up again. With this understanding, we can choose to embrace the difficulties that the universe puts in our path, knowing that these apparent difficulties are actually opportunities to grow our soul and to become the person we are meant to be. Read More
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The Bible tells us to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” But how are we supposed to love somebody or something that we can’t physically relate to? How can we love God? We don’t see Him, really. We don’t feel Him, really. We don’t feel His embrace on our body, really. But what we can do is feel each other’s embrace. We can feel the love of those around us. We can feel the energy of our family, our friends, of all the people in our lives. If we can learn to be a part of one another and to love one another, then we can do what this verse is telling us, because a spark of God exists in each and every person. To love the Creator with all of our heart and soul and mind is really to love our fellow humans—even though to act in this way runs counter to our normal selfish ego-nature that doesn’t want to share and be a part of others. For example, we may wake up one day and think to ourselves, “Oh heck, I have to go there? Do I have to... Read More
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Sometimes we go to the Creator and we say, “I’ve given charity. I’ve been a good person. I’ve helped people. Please, I need a favor over here.” But you know what the Creator’s answer is when we come forward with this approach? The Creator’s answer is: “Really? You’ve given charity? Where did you get the money to give the charity? Who bestowed that blessing on you in the first place?” Any time we go to the Creator and explain how good we are and therefore how much we need to be helped by Him, the answer is: “You aren’t whoever or whatever you think you are. You are what I made you. You are where I put you. Now use what you’ve been given to create a space to be closer to your spiritual roots.” As human beings, we work really hard to accomplish things in the belief that once we achieve whatever we consider to be success (in finance, wisdom, honor, or whatever), then we have finally “made it.” But have we really “made it?” We learn in Kabbalah that it is only once we have attained our... Read More
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There are many types of prayers and many ways to pray. For example, we have what we consider "intellectual prayers." Intellectual prayers are written prayers; they have specific words that appear in a specific order. Kabbalists are familiar with specific intellectual prayers that, when combined with the right intention, can unlock the gates of the Upper Worlds and allow the prayers to be taken by angels to the Creator.* There is also what is known as "prayers of the heart." When we pray from the heart, we are saying, “Listen, God, I know I probably don’t deserve it, but I have no other solutions. Please, God, help me… help my child… help my family… Please help because I am lost and I don’t know how to find the Light.” In the Bible, when Moses’ sister, Miriam, had leprosy and Moses said with all his heart, “El na ra fa na la” (meaning “Heal her now”), those few simple words were the sum total of the prayer—and the end of the illness. My point? We may not have the words, nor may we be... Read More
Disharmony need not exist. If something happens to you or if you are in an uncomfortable situation, try to turn it around, not just in your moments of discomfort, but at all times. Each and every one of us has the power to prevent wars and natural disasters. We are all a part of the Light energy, and we all have the power to respect turn that which is dark into Light. This is what it means to be spiritual. We need to use the tools available to us—from whatever spiritual path we are on and whatever our course of study—to advance the cause of unity, not separation; the cause of human dignity, not humiliation and shame; and the cause of respectful treatment for our fellow beings. We are all a part of this purpose. Read More
If all of us in this world would practice the golden rule—to love each other as we love ourselves—then we’d have no more war, no more chaos. If we could love one another for that spark of the Creator that we each have within ourselves and not because of the community we belong to, how much money we make, or how we pray, then we would live in a different world. Don’t get me wrong: Human beings have faults. In fact, there are people with deep and dark faults that they must change. But if we can focus on what we ourselves need to transform and if we can support those around us with love and understanding in the hope that they will transform as well, then we can induce healing in a world sorely in need of it. Read More
Two years ago, a tanker spilled oil into the Pacific and no one knew how to get rid of the mess. So we at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles took a group of people down to the beach where we did a meditation and a healing circle. In the following weeks, the oil dissolved itself. It disappeared, and experts to this day don’t know where the oil went or what happened to it. The idea here is that we can make a difference in the world through our consciousness. So the next time you draw positive energy to yourself, remember to also push it outwards and help to create healing for a world in chaos. Read More
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In this world, people are judged by race, money, status, religion, and a thousand other criteria that society imposes on us. As spiritual human beings, however, we need to push ourselves to have a different consciousness. Spirituality is believing that everyone has the right to draw spiritual energy and to bring that energy into their lives and the lives of others. Spirituality is understanding that the Light force of the Creator transcends the physical world. Spirituality is realizing that the Light exists in each and every one of us. Spirituality is about caring for the welfare of others and not just looking out for ourselves. When this is our consciousness, we can arrive at a place where we have a sense of unity with our neighbor and the blessing of Light in our lives and in the world. Read More
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Sometimes we find ourselves saying, "I’m trapped on this wheel and I can’t move forward. I feel like I’m stuck and I don’t have any place to go." When we hit this point, sometimes all we need to do, as hard as this might be, is to pick ourselves by the bootstraps and figure out what we can do to make a better way. If we are able to do this, then maybe we can go on to the next stage. If we don’t do anything and we stay stuck in the same place and the same consciousness, then it’s a sure thing we will never go to the next level. But when we learn how to motivate ourselves in our current circumstances, the universe itself will propel us forward. Read More
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The Zohar says that during this time, the Creator will "refine us as gold is refined." Webster’s Dictionary says that "to refine" means "to free (as metal, sugar, or oil) from impurities or unwanted material." Though most of us would probably prefer to have a life that is wide open and all bright and beautiful, we need to remember that this is not why we were placed here on this earth. Comfort is not the name of the game. The game is to be able to go through the maze we call life, to see through to the end of the tunnel to transform our negativity into Light. Read More
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The Zohar says that we must be prepared to work for anything we ask of the Creator. If we want a miracle to save us, we need to create an opening through which that miracle can enter. If we say, “I’ve done this and I’ve done that, now where is the miracle?” or “I’m not worried because I will be saved,” then we are sure to be disappointed. No person, not even the most righteous among us, can rest on their deeds or on their laurels. We have to be willing to create our own miracles by doing something against our usual reactive mode of operating. Read More
Each time we extend ourselves to do something that is contrary to our negative nature, we create another positive spark within ourselves. This is why we say that we don’t do things just for others, for it is only by helping others that we can really help ourselves. We constantly need to remind ourselves that we are the ones who benefit from our positive actions and through that benefit we can give energy to those around us. Read More
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Some of the most precious moments we have are the ones when we remember to just be. In these moments if we are quiet, we will hear a still small voice that says, "It’s OK. Just be who you are and don’t worry, for every time a door closes for you, another will open through which you shall go, as we approach this time of great Light." Read More
The only way we can become a “somebody” in this world is by modeling our words and actions after the ever-sharing, ever-loving Light force of the Creator. Otherwise, we live our lives constantly affected by everything and everyone around us. Think about it: How many times in a day do we vacillate this way and that, just reacting to what people say and what people do—or even by what they don’t say and what they don’t do! The bottom line is this: When we are reacting, we are all about the big “me.” But if we can pull ourselves out of this self-centered mode and understand that we have been put here on this earth to be a facilitator, then whatever we are and whatever we do, we can be a motivating force for good in the world. Read More
So many people remain in situations that make them feel miserable. They stick it out because they don’t know how to change their circumstances. We stay in a relationship that’s no good, but we think it is easier than being alone. We stay in an unfulfilling job for the same reason. Most of us are a slave to something. But when we live in bondage to a situation or a person, we leave no space for the Light of the Creator to do his work. Today, think of an area of your life that is stuck. Is there a way you can make a change or shift your consciousness in order to make room for the Light of the Creator? Read More
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Over and over again, we are told that people who are happy are less likely to get sick. Science says that the immune system is everything and part of what makes it strong is happiness and balance. Happy people are content with who they are and where they are because they are connected to the infinite love that exists within and are able to share this love with others. Unhappiness, on the other hand, is inextricably linked to jealousy, which creates separation and leaves an empty space. When we are jealous, we are constantly looking for something we don’t have. Every time we do this, however, we perforate our personal “ozone layer,” and when there are enough holes in it, we wind up with disharmony in our body, mind, and spirit. Does this mean that to be spiritual we must never be jealous or unhappy with our situation in life? Of course not. We will all encounter and be beset by negativity. That is a given. Otherwise we’d be angels not human beings. What matters, however, is what we do... Read More
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The Bible says that when you think first about your profit, your profit leaves you. In other words, when you think first about your material things and not about the people that are close to you, then at end of the road, even with all of the things that you might gather (even if it’s billions of dollars), you’ll have no fulfillment. The reason for this is that our life is not built on the fulfillment garnered from physicality. Our life is built on the fulfillment we feel as a result of giving to others, sharing with others, helping others. The life-energy that we all seek flows to us through friends and community we have nurtured, through love that is real and pure, through children, through simplicity, and inevitably through spiritual growth. The Light from these things isn’t extinguished when our body leaves us; it is a part of our immortal essence. Read More


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