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We are officially entering the holiday season, and while this can be a time of great Light and good cheer, it can also be an emotional, even stressful time that can bring out more of our reactivity. That is why it is a good time to connect to the bigger picture, the point of it all. Our lives are finite. The only thing that exists after we die is that part of our being that is not actually ours: the spark of the infinite Light of the Creator, which is our soul. That Light exists now and will exist forever. It is a motivating force, a force we can attach ourselves to and grow with. It is a gift given to us by the Creator so that we can rest with Him and do what we need to do in this world. Today and all throughout this next month, try to find small ways to connect to the infinite Light within you. Resist the impulse to run to an addictive behavior after an uncomfortable encounter. Resist the need to defend yourself right away when you are criticized. Go out of your way to do something... Read More
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By definition, a miracle means something that goes beyond the confines of nature. This means that if we want something in our life to change and we want things to be different, then we need to go beyond our nature. The key to creating a miracle is to take the extra step when it is difficult to do so: when we are too tired to volunteer, when we don't feel like going out and being with other people, when we simply can't muster the ability to smile and be nice to someone else. When we reach beyond our comfort zone at these times, we can also expect the universe to do the same on our behalf. Read More
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As human beings, we generally see the cup as half empty: We look at people and immediately judge them for their faults. Most of us don’t automatically turn to another human being and say, "Wow, how wonderful you are!" We usually start by finding flaws, those places that seem dark to us. Today let’s make a different choice. Let’s go forward with appreciation for everything and everyone in our lives, and with this energy, we can open up the door of miracles. Read More
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The Bible says that Moses asked to see the face of God, and God said, “You cannot see My face. But I will show you My back.” What does this mean? Essentially, the Creator was reminding Moses that as humans, we do not see the whole picture; we see only what the Creator chooses to reveal to us. It’s true. When we look at another person, we don’t know how many lifetimes he has lived or what he has done. We don’t know why he was put in the vessel where he now exists, nor do we know what his tomorrow will be. We see only the limited view of this moment, this snapshot in time, so we cannot judge. There are lifetimes of experiences and information invisible to us as well as a future of possibilities that we can’t anticipate, so it behooves us to withhold judgment and look on others with a kind eye. Read More
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Each one of us has a perfected version of ourselves, a "righteous soul" within. Every day we have opportunities to tap into this part of ourselves; to show up and make choices as the person we aspire to be, no matter what current challenges we are dealing with. We always have a choice to treat others with human dignity, to listen, and to share our energy in positive ways. Read More
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Let’s face it. We all judge. We take a look at people and we judge them—by the way they dress, the way they walk, the way they speak. The problem is that sometimes we get so full of judgment that we leave no place for love. We get so full of ourselves—who we think we are, what we believe we are entitled to—that there is no space for others and there is no space for God. Today, resist judgment, let go of your pride and entitlement, and make room for the Creator to work miracles on your behalf. Read More
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We are ushering in a time of great global awakening and change. It is a time of evolution for the world and for ourselves. It is up to us whether we move forward into positive growth or fall back on our destructive patterns. Let¹s choose to move forward, and with each single step we can tip the cosmic scales toward positivity and Light. Read More
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Many people have asked me what to do when someone says something that causes you hurt. Obviously lashing out isn’t a great option, and neither is suppressing the emotion altogether. So what are we to do? To speak generally, the first step in resolving the situation is to take full responsibility for creating it in the first place. Realize that there are no coincidences and that we make our reality. Resist the urge to immediately defend or refute. Once we take responsibility in this way, we make room to feel the other person. Moreover, because we have taken ourselves out of the “victim” seat, we can now relate to the other person from a proactive place of sharing rather than from our own ego. From this place we can speak to the person where he or she is at, and actually remove any space that may exist between us. This is how we bring peace to the world through our own spiritual work. Read More
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Take a good look at your life. When things are not what they are supposed to be, how do you react? How certain are you in your spiritual path? Do you understand that why you are here and all you are is your ability to climb the spiritual ladder to reach the heights of your unlimited soul? Life here on this earth is often shrouded in veils of negativity. In fact, in a world where chaos—from earthquakes to massive flooding to unemployment, terrorist attacks, and war—is rampant, we may wonder if there is any sure way to be protected from this negativity. Well, there is, but it is up to us. According to the kabbalists, only via our positive actions, via our ability to share with others, do we have the power to create a spiritual shield that can protect us from anything negative that crosses our path. Why? Because we live in the world of manifestation, a world where the Creator is revealed through our positive deeds. Read More
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For the kabbalist, the golden rule is not simply to "love your neighbor as yourself," but, even more so, to “love your neighbor as yourself, when it is difficult." It is only when we love when it is difficult that we remove the layers of negativity that separate us from the Light of the Creator. Thisis our challenge and our power: to extend tolerance to those who are different from us—not because we are “good people” or it’s the right thing to do, but because doing so brings us closer to achieving our potentialand revealing the spark of the Creator that exists within each and every one of us. Read More
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Today, let’s try simple ways to include others in our daily comings and goings. If we can inject sharing into even our smallest actions with the consciousness of extending that energy outwards, we can open the gates for positive energy to flood this world. Perhaps you can make the effort to hold the door for the person behind you, to smile more in the office, to complete those thank-you cards you’ve been meaning to write, or to go out of your way to listen to a friend. We must never forget that the Light will provide the opportunities if we are open to them. Read More
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Spiritually speaking, by ourselves we are vastly limited in our capabilities. Sure, we can survive on our own, but we cannot achieve real fulfillment without others. This is because fulfillment doesn’t come from feeding the small desires of “me” alone, but rather by reversing our energy from taking to giving. Read More
As we face our daily trials and tribulations, we need to decide whether we are dealing with boulders— those major life-changing events—or pebbles—those minor annoyances that seem important but really are not. If we look at the situation carefully, we’ll realize that most of life’s problems are not worth the energy we devote to them. Today, take a moment to sit quietly and make a list of issues you are currently dealing with. Are you making mountains out of molehills? Or, on the flipside, are you not devoting enough time to the important things such as family, friendships, and community? Read More
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This week in Minneapolis, Garth Brooks stopped mid-concert when he saw a woman in the crowd holding up a sign that read: “Chemo in the morning. Garth tonight. Enjoying ‘The Dance’.” Bringing her up to the stage, he sang the song “The Dance” to her and gave her his guitar. Then, so everyone could hear, he said, “God just stuck his hand out and wrote this… You have all my strength. You have everybody’s strength in here. Go kick cancer’s a**!” This is just one example of someone reaching out on behalf of another. Imagine a world in which we all give each other the strength we need to overcome our difficulties. Imagine having thousands and thousands of people supporting you as you faceyour toughest challenges. Today, take a few moments to lend a hand or to send energy to someone in need of it. Feel free to share your experiences below. #beaforceofkindness Read More
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One of our Kabbalah Centre teachers tells about driving in New York with his children one cold Saturday in the middle of winter. By the side of the road, a homeless man with no shoes was wandering the streets. Seeing him, the teacher’s young son said, “Daddy, stop! We have to help him!” “What do you want me to do?” his father responded. “Give him your shoes,” said the son. The teacher stopped the car and gave the person on the side of the road his shoes. It was a simple gesture, but I think that those shoes may have been more valuable than anything else he could have given at that moment. I’m not saying that we all should give away our shoes. What I am saying is that it would be a wonderful world if each of us made these kinds of gestures in our own way. Today, be aware of opportunities to extend yourself in kindness. Feel free to share your experience below to inspire others to do the same. #beaforceofkindness Read More
Have you noticed how small the world has become these days? There is much less space between places and between people. For example, we can eliminatethousands of miles and many time zones in about two seconds after logging on to the Internet. According to the kabbalists, the reason there is less space is because the time is ripe for us to amend our personal and collective negativity. The gates are open for all the souls of humanity to change the world for the better in a big way. To do so, however, we cannot continue to believe that life is just about “getting by” or maintaining our comfort. Rather, we need to be conscious of our individual power to create a positive shift for ourselves and others through our daily interactions. Whatever we do or don’t do, whatever we say or don’t say today affects everyone else. #beaforceofkindness Read More
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When we look at someone and we don’t like him or her, we need to understand that there is a reason for our dislike. If we look deeply into that person’s personality, we will find that the aspect we dislike is simply a mirror of a trait that we ourselves possess. Every single person in our life is there for a purpose. If there is someone in our life that we naturally love and admire, then we can learn from him or her. Equally, though, when we encounter a challenging relationship, we can use it proactively as an opportunity to grow. Read More
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With the darkness rising, the Light that we each have within needs to rise even higher. Now is the time for us to stop our reactive ways and instead to step outside of ourselves in a show of love for others and for the world around us. Now is the time for mercy, for kindness, for charity. Charity doesn’t only mean giving money. Sometimes it means giving a good word or praise. Sometimes it means being tough with someone so he or she can improve and become a better person. Sometimes it means giving an embrace. And sometimes it means giving our time to sit with someone who is going through a difficult process. The point is that now is the time to use the intellect of the heart because now the gates are open a little, just enough for us to make a profound change for the better in this world. Read More
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In the midst of our difficulties, we need to remember that the Creator will never give us more than what we are able to handle and to change. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, we always have a choice. We can decide what we will make out of this year. When life throws up roadblocks, it is we who must decide if we will run away or face them, sink or swim. If we are aware and careful, we will see that every day offers us many little opportunities to choose whether we will be a servant of the Light of the Creator or a slave to our ego. These opportunities present themselves in the seemingly mundane details of our lives, but if we are open and aware that they exist, we can use them to turn ourselves in a new direction. Read More
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When we throw a ball against the wall, we know for certain that the ball will bounce back. When we “throw a ball” of caring for someone else or of being there for someone when we don't want to be, we need to understand that this ball, too, will bounce back. Our blessing is the ability to know with absolute certainty that anything positive we inject into someone else's life will bring positivity back to us, while anything negative we inject into someone else's life will cause negativity in our own. Read More
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Oftentimes, we fall into the illusion that being blessed means getting what we want or having the best of the fruitfulness of this world. However, people can have lots of money and material things and still not be happy. In fact, sometimes an abundance of material wealth can be a curse for people. They are always concerned with how to keep it, who may be after them for having it, and whether it will be enough for them and their future generations. On the other hand, there are people who don't have a lot of material possessions, yet seem to be living a blessed life. The truth is that we are cursed when we don't realize that everything that happens in our lives is there to bring us to a higher spiritual level—in other words, when we haven't realized that there is something beyond the “me.” Being cursed means that in one way or another, we are blinded, and our limited vision holding us back from connecting to and living within the context of the bigger picture. Read More
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We’ve probably all had the experience of reading a good book—something that's beautifully written and fundamentally meaningful—and while we are reading, we feel completely in tune with our self. However, we have to look not only at what we are reading at any given moment, but at what we can take from our study and how we can apply it to the way we live our life. Let’s take Kabbalah for instance. When we take what we read, along with its regulations and restrictions, its beatitudes and its nonjudgmental elements, and we turn it into knowledge that we use in our daily thoughts and activities, then we can truly see the results of our study. The bottom line is that our study will flourish only when we actually take what we learn and use it in our day-to-day lives. Read More
There is a kabbalistic story about a man who was put in charge of a kingdom while the king was away. The king’s advisors were so jealous of this man that they beat him up one afternoon as he was going about his duties in the palace. When the king returned later that day and found his trusted friend beaten and bleeding on the ground, he asked, "What happened to you?" The man replied, “When you left, everyone was jealous of me and they beat up!” “How many times did they hit you?” asked the king. “Thirty-six times,” replied the man. Hearing this, the king took out 36 gold coins and gave them to the man: one gold coin for every time the man had been hit. When the man returned home, he was crying. When his wife, confused, asked him why he was crying now, he said, “Why didn’t they beat me more?” The point of this parable is not, God forbid, that we should all ask to be beaten. But the story does challenge us to look at our difficulties from a different perspective and to appreciate them for... Read More


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In the midst of such chaos in my life, I have been able to find peace through studying Kabbalah. Without any doubts whatsoever, I would highly recommend anyone to call. I am so thankful for The Kabbalah Centre, because it has made all the difference in my spiritual growth and development.


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Kabbalah is the best gift I have had this year. But it did not come easy. It is a result of a lot of hard, focused, and disciplined work my teacher guided me through. Often I had to go out of my comfort zone to apply the tools. But the satisfaction and confidence I now feel is indescribable.

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