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How many of us truly consider the other person when we communicate with them? Most of the time, we don’t really think about it. We simply say what we want to say however we want to say it, and expect the other person to hear us the way we want them to. The problem with this approach is that if we do not consider the nature of the person we are speaking to, what we want to get across often falls on deaf ears simply because that person does not know how to hear us. The Rav used to say to me, "Never speak to a person in a tone or in a way that they will not understand you. Always speak on the level where they will be able to accept what it is you need to say." Part of effective communication is learning to step outside of ourselves and to truly consider the other person. Doing so is how we inject sharing Light energy into our conversations. Read More
Posted In: Well Being, Emotions, Fears Posted On: July 30,2015
It’s no fun to be afraid, whether that fear is simply a mild unease or a paralyzing apprehension that keeps you from moving forward. But how can we learn to overcome fear? How can we stop the flow of adrenaline that starts charging through our bodies when we’re afraid? Here’s one tool I can give you: Write down what you think you're afraid of and then assign a color to it. People often choose black or red because these colors are usually associated with fear, but feel free to choose whatever color works for you. Once you have identified the fear, ask your Higher Consciousness, “What color will help me to heal this fear?” Be open to receiving an answer. The most important part of this exercise is to allow yourself to receive the answers that are already within you. The first color that comes to your mind will be your healing color. Next, making sure that you are in a comfortable position, breathe in your healing color, then breathe out the color of your fear. Do this 12 times, taking... Read More
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There is often a beautiful Light within people and things that appear to be negative. Take Abraham the Patriarch, for example. One of the highest souls of humanity, he came from a father who was an idol-maker. Even Moses was born from the sexual union of two relatives. But why is this great Light concealed? It is so the negativity of the Left Column, the Desire to Receive for the Self Alone, doesn’t consume the Light before it has a chance to grow and become its true essence. We never know from what vessel true spirituality will come, so this means that more often than not, we must look beyond the apparent darkness to see the most powerful Light shining. Read More
Posted In: Humility, Well Being Posted On: July 28,2015
We should always work to acknowledge and remember our unique brilliance as a child of God. At the same time, however, there is great importance in the knowing that all we think we are can be gone in an instant. In the stillness and humility of knowing that we are a flicker compared to the Light of the Creator, that we’re just a candle in relation to the Sun, we can tap into and feel our oneness with the Infinite Force inside of us. When we realize how small we are in the vast abyss of time and space, we open ourselves to all of the power and possibility that exists in the cosmos. It is in this knowing that we keep striving to grow our capacity to love and to share our Light. Read More
Posted In: Certainty, Kabbalistic Concepts Posted On: July 27,2015
A place of internal peace is a place where we feel strong and satisfied, a place inside us where we feel our spiritual essence striving to go further and further and further in its evolution and growth. In this space, the heart and mind are united. The key to reaching this internal peace is certainty: the knowing that everyone and everything in this present moment in our life is absolutely perfect and right for our spiritual development. The people who we have perhaps lost or who have gone away were with us for as long as they needed to be to help us in our personal growth. If we can flow in this certainty, then we can arrive at internal peace, a very powerful place indeed to be. Read More
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Today is Tisha b’Av, the 9th day of Av, the day the First and Second Temples were destroyed, the day that the Final Solution was signed into law in Germany in 1942, the day of several other destructive negative occurrences throughout history. The kabbalists reveal that in terms of energy, Tisha b’Av is the most negative day of the year. And yet it is said that on this day, the Messiah will be born. How can the darkest day be the seed for the greatest Light? The answer is that life works in polarity: Wherever the greatest amount of negativity exists, there exists a correspondingly strong pull for the positive. Most of us understand that without pain, our physical body does not grow and develop. It is only as we exercise, as we push ourselves, as we do more lifting, that we become stronger. The same is true on the spiritual level. There is no such a thing as a place that is full of negativity that does not also offer the opportunity for growth or cleansing. Sometimes we believe that we... Read More
Posted In: Well Being, Sharing & Receiving, Love, Kabbalistic Concepts Posted On: July 25,2015
If all of us had the ability to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, we would have already achieved purity of being. The reality is, however, that our inherent nature is to take for ourselves, not to share of ourselves. So if our nature is to take, then why does God want us to give? Why are we being asked to love our neighbor, who may not even be someone who is close to us or whom we know anything about? The answer is simple: When we transform our selfish nature by learning to love one another just as the Creator does, we transform darkness into Light. Read More
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How many of us remember what we had for lunch three Tuesdays ago? My guess is not many. But I bet if we went out for a great meal with friends to discuss how we were going to do something that would help someone else, we’d remember the meal, no problem. We might even remember all the details of what we ordered and how everything tasted. It would be a pleasant memory, one perhaps imprinted in our minds for a while to come. The reason for this is because when we are engaged and involved with others, we escape the bondage of the “me” and connect ourselves with the Light inside us. When we are focused only on fulfilling our Desire to Receive for the Self Alone (that is, our base physical desires), there is very little spiritual energy involved. However, when we share—when there is someone or something outside of ourselves in the equation—then a spiritual circuitry is created that connects us to a different, higher aspect of ourselves, thus making way for true fulfillment. Think back on... Read More
Oftentimes, it is easier for someone who is new to the spiritual path to transform than it is for people who have been doing this work for a longer period of time. When we consider ourselves spiritual, it becomes harder for us to see those negative traits within us that we are being called to examine and to change. It is as if we've allowed a layer of "dust" to settle, and we must remove this dust, layer by layer, to reveal those aspects of ourselves that are important for us to cleanse and transform. As we do this, we should also understand that our work is not only for ourselves but for all of those connected to us and, in the big picture, for the whole world. Read More
Posted In: Falling, Mistakes, Personal Transformation Posted On: July 22,2015
Every human being must occasionally fall, even those of us who are working diligently to climb the spiritual ladder and increase our ability to channel the Creator's Light. It isn't a straight climb up this ladder, and there is no direct route to the top. The important thing to remember is that the further we fall, the higher we can rise. It’s our personal responsibility to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and not allow guilt or a sense of victimhood to keep us down. Read More
Angels are not omnipotent. An angel's power is limited to the particular job it was created to do. There isn't a blade of grass that grows, for example, that does not have an angel looking over it. In the same way, we each have our own job -- a specific purpose for which we came into this world. It is up to us to find out what it is and to fulfill it. Read More
It is said in the Zohar that the Final Redemption will come when we have reached a critical mass. But reaching this critical mass, however, does not depend on a specific number of people; rather, it depends on whether each person on the spiritual path is performing the specific spiritual work that he or she was put on this Earth to do. Today, take a few moments to reflect on your own spiritual progress. Are you working each day to be better than you were yesterday? Are you trying to expand your level of caring? Are you opening your heart to loving and to being loved by others? Life is busy and full of distractions and complications. It is important that we make sure to check that our consciousness is in the right place. Read More
Posted In: Divine Inspiration, Kabbalistic Concepts Posted On: July 19,2015
When we are on a spiritual path, the Light shows us signs to let us know we are heading in the right direction. Whatever it is that makes our consciousness more aware of our spirituality does not happen by accident. It happens because we have reached another spiritual level where our soul is yearning for expansion. A book, a friend, any sort of “coincidence”: All these can show us a new horizon. Today, open yourself to signs and messages from the universe. As long as you have a true desire to draw closer to the Creator, you will receive the messages you need. Read More
Posted In: Unity, Kabbalistic Concepts Posted On: July 18,2015
Spirituality is the belief that everyone has the right to draw spiritual energy from the Light of the Creator and to bring that Light into their lives and into the lives of others. Spirituality is the understanding that this Lightforce transcends the physical world and exists in each and every person. Spirituality is caring about the welfare of others and not just looking out for ourselves. Living our lives with this consciousness, we can arrive at a place where we feel a sense of unity with our neighbor and also have the Creator's blessing in our lives and in the world. Read More
Posted In: Soul Mates, Dating, Family, Relationships, Well Being, Love Posted On: July 17,2015
Loving is hard work. It is not simple to be loved, nor is it simple to love. To love, we must understand that the Light of God is part of each one of us. We cannot steal each other’s energy. We can and should, however, share the energy that we have earned through our spiritual effort and growth. Today, be aware of how you interact with your loved ones. Are you coming from a place of giving energy or taking it? Are you open to allowing others to share their Light with you? Are you open to receiving love? As you answer these questions, you may be surprised at the insight and results you can get from this simple exercise. Read More
Posted In: Appreciation, Well Being Posted On: July 13,2015
Two people bless their food before they eat. What the difference between these two individuals? One says the blessing so that he may eat, while the other desires to eat so that he can say the blessing to thank the Creator. When we live with a consciousness of gratitude, viewing every day as a Divine gift, our life can grow and flourish with miracles. Read More
Posted In: The Big Picture, Well Being, Global Consciousness, 72 Names Posted On: July 10,2015
One of the 72 Names of God, Aleph Nun Yud, is the name that grants access to the “big picture.” It is the name that helps us connect the dots of our experience, allowing a richer and more holistic view of our reality. Interestingly, the secret of the Aleph Nun Yud name is truly in its letters. In Hebrew, Aleph Nun Yud spells ani, meaning “I.” If we rearrange these letters to Aleph Yud Nun, we end up with ayin, meaning “nothing.” In our lives, the key to seeing deeper and connecting with the bigger picture lies in our ability to bring our “me” (that is, our ego) into “nothingness.” If we want to receive messages from the Creator, if we want to actually feel His presence in our very being, we need to take ourselves out of the space of our ego and into the vast stillness that lies within. In meditation, we repeat a mantra or stare at a candle to bring ourselves into this blank space because it is there that we can find oneness with the Light of the Creator and can gain all the fruits and... Read More
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There is a story about a man who comes to King David and says, "You said that if I don’t run after respect and honor and I just do what I do now with integrity and honesty, then eventually respect and honor will follow me. Well, I’ve done that and nothing has happened. Now I’m an old man and I’m still here working away with no great honors or accolades in sight." To this, King David responded, "While you were running away from honor, how many times did you look over your shoulder to see how far it was behind you?" As human beings, we are conditioned to chase after things. We chase after money. We chase after respect. We chase after love. We chase after happiness. Have you ever noticed, though, that things usually work out for the best when we don’t go chasing after them? As Thoreau wrote, “Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.” Today, instead of... Read More
Posted In: Cause & Effect, Well Being, Fears Posted On: July 08,2015
At any moment in time, we are either the cause or the effect of our experience. Either we embrace our Divine Essence—our ability to embody the Creator’s sharing Light—or we allow ourselves to be affected by all that is around us and within us—what people say about us, what people do, even our own emotions and reactions to life’s challenges. When we are the effect, it’s always about the “me”–what “I” got or didn’t get, what they said about “me,” how she wronged “me,” and so on. And when we are the cause, we become facilitators for kindness, peace, and harmony. No matter what we do or what position we find ourselves in, if we have an aspect of sharing in our consciousness, then we can be the cause, a motivating force for good in this world. The next time you feel overwhelmed by the worries, fears and anxieties of the “me,” stop for a minute and ask yourself where and why you feel like a victim. Then find a way to turn that consciousness around. See how you can take responsibility. See... Read More
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Our body is composed of molecules. When the atoms within these molecules act in tandem, when they join together, when they share the electron, when they work as a unit, we have health. We fall prey to disease and negativity when the molecules are separated. What causes this kind of separation are negative energies such as hate, anger, and fear—essentially anything that is contrary to the Light of the Creator. If we behave “like God,” living in harmony with all that lives, then likewise, there is harmony in our bodies. From this perspective, kindness and sharing isn’t a matter of morality or of “being a good person.” Rather, it’s about aligning ourselves with the all-powerful Light force that is within and all around us. It is great to immerse our minds in deep spiritual concepts, to learn the 72 Names, to memorize all the mediations. But it’s more important to understand and to live the concept that when we divert our energy from living in harmony with all that is, we create within... Read More


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