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There’s a story told about a man who has a dream one night. In the dream, the Creator shows him a boulder and tells him, "I want you to go out and push that boulder." So in the morning, the man gets up, finds the boulder near his home, and starts to push it. He pushes it for a day, a week, a month, a year, two years. After two years, however, he gets tired of pushing the boulder. In fact, he’s completely forgotten about his dream. And so he lives out his life and eventually passes on. When he comes to the Gates Upstairs, he is greeted by a group of angels who tell him, "Sorry, you didn't finish your work on Earth. You're going to have to go back down again.” Stunned and upset at the angels’ pronouncement, the man asks, "What do you mean, I didn’t finish my work? What is it that I didn't do?” The angels say, "You were told to push the boulder. You were told to do your work. You were told that it doesn't matter what’s at the end of the road; what matters is the effort along the way. The... Read More
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The beautiful thing about our spiritual community is that it is made up of thousands upon thousands of faces speaking with one voice, the voice of the soul. Each one of us has our own beliefs and ideals, and we come from different cultures, religions, and walks of life. Yet we can, at least in one part of our lives, our spirituality, come into “at-one-ment” with one another because we understand that regardless of what separates us, the soul is one, and we are all rocks hewn from the same magnificent mountain created by a Divine Force. Read More
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When we are on a spiritual path, the Light shows us signs to let us know we are heading in the right direction. It's like flying an airplane. When we rise above the clouds, the sun is always shining. In the same way, when we rise above those things that cloud our spiritual vision, the Light is always shining brightly and illuminating our path. Read More
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The things in our lives that fulfill us on the deepest levels of our being can only come from a spiritual root. Money, possessions, and honor cannot fill us with this Light. True fulfillment can only come when our soul is satisfied that we are doing the real work--the spiritual work of transforming ourselves. And as long as we are in our physical body, our work is not yet complete. Read More
During the time of the Holy Temple, the city of Jerusalem was small, and many people lived outside the city walls. Each day, a bullock would be delivered from outside the city to inside where it would be used for the sacrifice in the Temple. One day, the people living outside the walls said, “We who are outside the walls don’t understand why only those inside Jerusalem should receive the energy from these sacrifices.” So instead of sending a bullock, they sent a pig so that those inside would be deprived of energy. The motivation behind this act came from the thought that “if I don’t have something, then the next guy shouldn’t either.” Sometimes our actions, too, are based on such a belief. This is because we don’t really understand that there is an infinite amount of the Creator’s Light—enough for everyone. Read More
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Kabbalah teaches that each of us has been granted a predetermined amount of time here on Earth along with a predetermined number of words and actions to use in our lifetime. Positive acts such as studying spirituality and helping others, speaking positive words, and giving encouragement are not charged against our “account”; however, when we speak negatively about or against others, those words are counted. This means that, in effect, through our positive actions and our words of Light, we can actually create the energy of immortality. Today, make sure that your words and actions are words and acts of Light. Read More
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The Zohar refers to the Gates of Mercy that open and close depending on the time of the year, but there is one gate that can always be opened—the Gate of Tears. When we cry out to God and ask for His help to be more spiritual and sharing, to rid us of those things that keep us locked into ourselves, the Gate of Tears swings wide open. A single minuscule tear is potentially the drop of Light needed to take us through this gate and up to our next spiritual level, allowing us to climb up to a place where we can see that we are constantly surrounded by opportunities to grow and improve ourselves. Tears rooted in selfishness, tears we cry to get more for ourselves alone, won’t unlock this gate. Only when we cry out to God with the desire to become more than we are today, does the Gate of Tears open, welcoming our requests. Read More
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One of the most important things that we came into this world to learn is to really open ourselves to love. I’m not talking here about loving one another as friends, but of learning to love humanity. We are here to understand that love is not an energy that says, “I love you, my child, because I benefit from you; because everything you do in this world is mine; because through you, I can expand myself.” Nor is love is an energy that says, “I love you, my husband, because you give me so many things. I love you, my friend, because you like me; because you are part of my same social status; because you like the things that I do; because you appreciate who I am.” These sentiments (and their agendas) are not a part of the energy of love that we have been put here to generate and share. Love does not discriminate. Love does not calculate. Rather, love is the energy that connects us all. It is the energy that gives us the ability to have care for all people. Read More
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Is our destiny indelibly written in the stars? Perhaps not in the way that we think. Each and every one of us has the ability—through the use of spiritual tools and through our ability to resist the impulses of our own reactive nature—to go beyond that which is supposedly “written." The stars impel; they do not compel. Each one of us has been brought down to this world to rise above and to elevate beyond the script that we entered the world with. In fact, the framework that we are put into—our family, our environment, our friends, the work we do, even the person we marry—is part of a perfectly designed plan that gives us the chance to go beyond the “script” to finish our correction, and in so doing, to complete our part in the correction of the world. Read More
It is said in the Bible that when our time comes, we are judged not only on our words and actions but also on how we perceived reality. So we need to ask ourselves: When we perceive something, do we perceive it with kindness and love? I’m sure that most of us have noticed that when somebody we just don’t like or who just rubs us the wrong way does something, each and every thing that they do is wrong in our mind’s eye. What they say, what they do, how they act, how they dress: in short, whatever it might be that pertains to our senses will be skewed, not necessarily because of them, but rather because of our perception, because of our judgement. We all see through the lens of our own prejudices. Two people who witness the same car accident will often see it completely differently. Our environment, our friends, the culture in which we live: all predetermine the things that we do judge and how we will judge them. Read More
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When we make a blessing over food, it isn’t because we need to bless the Creator. In fact, the Rav used to say, "The Creator doesn’t need our blessings." The reason we make any blessing (not only over food) is to awaken our own consciousness. We need to constantly train our mind so that every action we do—from the moment we wake in the morning to the moment our head hits the pillow at night; whether we are at work or school or play, and when we interact with people we meet during the day—every single action is done on a conscious level with intention and with an awareness of the Light of the Creator within and all around us. Read More
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We each have our own way of stamping our feet before the Creator. We say, “I didn’t get the deal. I worked for it. I should have had it. It was mine.” Or we sulk and complain, “I had this gorgeous girlfriend, and she ran off with somebody else. That’s not right! I don’t deserve this. I am trying. I am here and I am fulfilling my purpose. I am doing good. I am starting my spiritual work. I even talk to the Creator once in a while!” When we are filled with this consciousness, it is as if we are stamping our feet. It’s something we all do, no matter how elevated or righteous we are. We all fall victim to our circumstances once in a while. That’s life. As long as we are breathing, we will stamp our feet. But remember, our inner child who is stamping his or her feet still has a Father Who is willing to listen. The point is for us to be able to recognize when we are doing this. When we acknowledge and change our consciousness about whatever we are stamping our feet over, we will find the... Read More
As we grow up, we are constantly bombarded with messages telling us to find our passion, or get the most out of life, or build ourselves to be the best we can be.” So often we are prompted to just find out what life has to offer us. Now, of course, these questions are important to consider, but in and of themselves, they can only take us only so far. There are two more important, more powerful questions to ask ourselves: What can I do to contribute to humanity? What do I need to do to grow the soul that was gifted to me so that I can bring it back whole to its Source? John Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” I would say, “Ask not what life will give to you, but what you can give to life.” So often we just exist—we exist for the next deal, for the next purpose, for the next relationship, for the next whatever. It is only in the consciousness of sharing and growing that we can find the energy and purpose to experience what it... Read More
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All of us are created with both positive and negative characteristics; all of us have the ability to soar to the highest spiritual heights and to sink down to the darkest depths. Yet in the eyes of the Creator, we are forever perfect and forever loved. The Creator will always accept us, work with us, and be with us in spite of all our frailties. He loves us with our sadness, with our despondencies, with our fears, and with all our other shortcomings. As human beings, you and I will never reach the level of the Creator’s perfect love. But what we can strive for is the ability to look at each other without judgment. The judgment we fail to restrict ourselves from applying to others is the judgment that rebounds back on us. On the other hand, when we see the good in others, our own Light shines brighter in the world. Read More
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Rav Akiva was one of the greatest lights to ever reach this world. When the Romans seized him and were about to flay the flesh from his body, one of his students came to him and said, “Rav Akiva, you are so great and so powerful! How can God let this happen to you?” The great kabbalist replied, “Go away, snake! All my life I have been waiting for the opportunity to prove my certainty in the Light-force of God. Now, at last, this is my chance.” Rav Akiva understood that his great difficulty was actually a test for his certainty in the Creator, a test of the highest order. Thankfully, most of us are not at that level to need endure such a test. But how many times do we recognize our challenges as tests that will build our strength and bring us closer to the Creator’s Light? How often do we keep and use our spiritual awareness in our daily lives? Indeed, not one of us knows the number of our days. We can even go so far as to say that the moment we are born into this world, we are... Read More
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What consequences do we suffer when we are envious, angry, jealous, or hurtful? The answer is simple: envy, anger, jealousy, or hurtfulness. Think of how painful these conditions are. What greater deterrent to being negative and spiteful can we have than to experience these feelings ourselves? If we find that we continue to hurt ourselves with these emotions, it is because we persist in blaming others for how we feel, how we react. But it is never truly about the other person. The people around us are messengers--showing us what we need to learn about ourselves. Read More
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The reason the Creator chose Moses to be the leader of the Israelites was because of one small, simple gesture Moses made. One day while shepherding his flock of sheep on the hillside, he noticed that one of the little lambs was injured and lacked the strength to go back to pasture. Instead of leaving the poor lamb behind, Moses went back and picked it up, carrying the small animal gently in his arms. Seeing this, the Creator said, “If he cares so much for one of My littlest creatures, how much more can he care for My people.” It wasn’t Moses’s intelligence or even the breadth and depth of his spiritual wisdom that made him a leader in the eyes of God. Rather, it was the quality of his heart—his ability to embody the harmony, care, and love that exists within the Creator’s Light. The Zohar says: "Come and see, when a man wills himself to worship his Master, the will first reaches the heart, which is the basis and foundation of the entire body. Then that goodwill is diffused in all the... Read More


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