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We are currently in the cosmic window known as Sukkot, and at this particular time of the year, it is more important than at any other time for all of us to try to step a little bit aside from ourselves. Now is the time to allow others a little grace; the time to learn how to breathe instead of scream; the time to give people the benefit of the doubt, and instead of judging, perhaps to say, "You know, maybe…" Through the sukkah, we are bathed in this kindness and mercy, and there is an Energy present now with us that can bring us to a place where we can be a force of mercy and kindness for others. I want to tell you a little story to bring home the point. Once there was a great sage who spent most of his time learning, studying, and meditating. He was a powerful spiritual man, and eventually the people in the town began to know of him and started to come to ask him questions, to get blessings, to be close to him. Three people came, then 10, then 30, 50, 100 people. Before long, they... Read More
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We know that the months from Pesach until Rosh Hashanah—that is, from Nissan (Aries) to Tishrei (Libra)—are called the male months, and they are the time of seeding. All the things that we do, all the things that we create in our life in the six months between Aries and Libra, are answered for or manifested in the birth of the world that happens at Rosh Hashanah. These six months, then, can be considered the gestation period. The female months, or the manifestation period, starts with the month of Tishrei. This is why the part of the Torah that we read at Pesach, we also read during Sukkot because it contains the same kind of transformational energy as we move from male to female months and female to male months. One group is the seed and the other group is the seed’s manifestation. When we align ourselves with that Light of sharing during Sukkot, with words of Light and actions of kindness and care, we can allow the seeds we planted for our lives to begin to flourish not only in... Read More
Sometimes it happens that people get sick because they are so busy running, running, running that they don’t take the time to listen to and care for their body. So in response, the body simply says, "No, I am going to make you slow down. I am going to make you go through a period when you are going to rest for me." There are many different aspects of our life where negative things seem to happen. It is so easy to lose sight of the fact that many of these difficulties are there to teach us, to bring us to a different space, to allow us to grow through confronting and overcoming them. In fact, these “bad” things that we believe we see are actually there to act as a catalyst to teach us and to bring us to a higher spiritual level. Read More
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Astrologically speaking, this year, 5776 in the Hebrew calendar, is what is called a "mutable year." What this simply means is that 5776 will be a year when we will have to move forward, when things will have to flow and change, when we may undergo a process to move us into something new, a new vocation perhaps or the like. This coming year will be a year when innovation and precision will predominate, with breakthroughs in nanotechnology and medical sciences. The only thing that can stop us from being a part of this new tide is our own reluctance and/or inability to move forward. If we are willing to change, if we are willing to live in a year that’s not a year of same old familiarity, same old comfort, then we can become a part of something beautiful and new. The world is shifting. There are different paradigms opening before us, and it is certainly in our best interest—at least, for those of us who are aware of the Light force of the Creator—to use that Energy, bringing it forward... Read More
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This evening will mark the two year anniversary of my husband Rav Berg’s passing. The legacy of the Rav is deep and far-reaching. It is a legacy of thousands upon thousands of people around the world who have access to the Wisdom of Kabbalah. I have to say, when the Rav decided on a path, it was the path; and regardless of who liked it or did not like it, he would continue. For 40 years, the Rav gave up every bit of privacy, every bit of being for himself alone, to share with the people around him. You will notice today that people come in droves to the tomb of Rav Ashlag on his death anniversary. But many years ago, when the Rav and I went to Rav Ashlag, we were the only two people there. The energy trips that we do in Israel and abroad, with all the people that we bring from far and wide, from places in the world that maybe we never would have heard of, are all something that came about through the Rav. The Rav decided that his task was to bring the far ends of the world together,... Read More
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There’s a story about a man who has lived in the same house for many, many years. After such a long time, the house has become run down, with cracks in the paint and holes in the walls. But the house is this man’s home, and he likes it just as it is. It’s what he knows, and he’s comfortable with it, so he doesn’t feel the need to fix it up at all; he just puts a painting over any particularly big crack. One day, a friend of his who works in construction comes over, sees the condition of things, and says, "I can’t stand to see you living in this mess. I’m going to fix your house and I am going to do it for free." At this, the house owner is sort of happy, but he’s unhappy at the same time. He likes his mess. It’s comfortable. He doesn’t want somebody to fix it for him. We, too, often find ourselves living within the cobwebs of our own mess. We lie to ourselves. We tell ourselves that this thing that we are doing is right. We come to a space inside of ourselves where we’re comfortable,... Read More
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We tend to ask ourselves certain questions at this time of year: Who am I? What is the energy I am bringing to a situation? How do I choose to share of myself? As we ask, however, let us consider the fact that while we so often look for kindness, for love, for care, and for compassion for ourselves, we get so wrapped up in our own self, our own ego, that those exact things are what we forget to extend to others. We concentrate our efforts on ourselves alone, and in doing so, we lose sight of the purpose and the effect of being who we are. “Being who we are” means living in alignment with our capacity to share with and love others. But instead, we often judge others, and judgment is the thing, unfortunately, that separates us. Let’s face it: All of us have more than once judged a person for not acting as we thought he should act or for not thinking as we thought she should think. But if we truly understood that where we are and what we are at this moment in our life is exactly where... Read More
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When a stranger is in need, very few of us bother to ask, ”Where did this person come from? Who is he? Or she? Who are this kid’s parents? What good has this individual done for me lately?” For example, let’s say a child runs out into the middle of a street in front of a car and a stranger happens to be close enough to do something. Most likely, the stranger will run, grab the child, and pull him out of the car’s path. Or when a house is on fire, people often look to see how they can assist, even before the firefighters arrive. So why is it when someone close to us needs our support, time, care, or forgiveness, we are often so reluctant to give it? We calculate, we say, “Does he or she deserve it? What has she done for me lately? Will he be able to repay me in kind?” We think like this because we are human and we judge. We naturally see what is wrong with others, even our loved ones, sooner than we see what is right with them. Today, remember that when we dole out judgment in our life... Read More
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As we look out on the year before us, one of the most important things we can want is our own forgiveness--the ability to go inside and wash away all the residue of those things that we have said and done. From that place, we can say to ourselves: “I am good enough, and I can succeed in what I do.” The only way we are going to get that type of feeling inside, to be in such a place of understanding and Light, is to cultivate the certainty that regardless of what we might think, or our situation in life, where we are in this precise moment in time is exactly where we need to be, either to be ushered forward, or to learn something and grow from it. Read More
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Just as loving others begins with the ability to have love towards ourselves, so too does forgiveness begin self-forgiveness. The fact that the Creator imbued each and every one of us with a spark of Divine Energy means that we are inherently worthy of that Energy. All we have to do is extend that spark, that part of our vessel, further and further. Last Sunday night, at our international Rosh Hashanah event in San Diego, CA, I shared a poem by Sri Chimnoy about this concept. Here it is. I hope you enjoy it, and wish you and yours many blessings for the year ahead. If I Cannot Forgive Myself If I cannot forgive myself For all the blunders That I have made Over the years, Then how can I proceed? How can I ever Dream perfection-dreams? Move, I must, forward. Fly, I must, upward. Dive, I must, inward, To be once more What I truly am And shall forever remain. - Sri Chinmoy Read More
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True strength is brought about only by nurturing it, by working for it, by being a part of it. We should all work to generate true strength, not only for ourselves but for everyone on Earth, so that each one of us becomes a beacon of Light. Let our effort bring about so much energy for those whom we love and who love us that it spills over to all the peoples of the world. Let us pray that through our work, we will bring about unity for all humanity on the level of the soul, understanding that underneath it all, the Soul is One. Read More
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A man once dreamed that there was a treasure hidden in the garden of a palace far away. The man, whose name was David, traveled to the palace he had seen in his dream, but when he got there, the guards stationed at the gate prevented him from entering. He didn’t know what to do. Finally, he decided to approach one of the guards and tell him about his dream. The guard said to him, “Wow! Just last night, I dreamed that someone named David would come to me and tell me that the treasure he sought was buried under his own house.” Isn’t that the way things are in our own lives? Sometimes we travel such a long way along our path, only to realize in the end that all the answers and treasures we have been seeking have been right in front of us the entire time. Read More
Every day, we create dark energies by the negative things that we do. At the same time, we create positive energies by speaking words of Light and being a force of kindness in this world. When we allow the godliness inside of us to ripple out and touch the people around us, we build our individual Light and strength while simultaneously adding to the positive energy in the world as a whole. When the Light within us—our kindness, our strength, our love—prevails over our negative impulses—our fears, our hatred, our anger and self-loathing—we contribute positive energy to the cosmic battle of Light over darkness. No spiritual effort is for us individually. We are all interconnected, and everything we do or don’t do affects those around us and ultimately humanity as a whole. It’s not easy, this battle we face every day of our lives, but it is the one we came here to do. We have spiritual tools we can use and we will prevail. Read More
The righteous of old used to go into the local woods to meditate and to feel their Oneness with the Creator amidst the beauty of Creation. In that sacred space, they would clear their minds of the constant stream of thoughts about the opinions of others—what he said, what she said, what I am going to do. It was a quiet time—a time to just be, a time to reset. In this inner sanctum, they could access the most powerful answers in the universe, the answers that come from the quiet space within. Today, take a few moments to walk outside. Breathe in the fresh air. Notice the leaves on the trees, the sky, the warmth of the sun on your skin, the wind playing with your hair. Whatever Nature has to offer, just notice it and commune with that part of you that is one with all of Creation. Read More
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God doesn’t make deals, but we try to make deals with God all the time. For example, sometimes we’ll say, “I will pray three times a day and be a religious person if you will do this one thing for me, God.” Then when nothing appears to happen, we become upset and question why God isn’t manifesting what we want in our life, even though we are doing all of the “right” things. The reason we aren’t getting what we want is because we are trying to make deals. In this world, the only deal is to be the very best human being that we can be. To achieve this level of enlightenment is the only task that God has given us to do. He wants us to wake in the morning and not only see the beauty of the world, but to marvel at how wonderful it is that we can see at all. This is the consciousness we are put on Earth to gain. Read More


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In the midst of such chaos in my life, I have been able to find peace through studying Kabbalah. Without any doubts whatsoever, I would highly recommend anyone to call. I am so thankful for The Kabbalah Centre, because it has made all the difference in my spiritual growth and development.


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Kabbalah is the best gift I have had this year. But it did not come easy. It is a result of a lot of hard, focused, and disciplined work my teacher guided me through. Often I had to go out of my comfort zone to apply the tools. But the satisfaction and confidence I now feel is indescribable.

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Now I look back and question what exactly I did and how I managed without these teachings in my life.

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