The Rav often talked about the idea of the "chosen people." What he said is that those of us with a spiritual consciousness, those of us who are able to look at each day for the energy and opportunity for growth that lies within it, are "chosen" to bring Light to the world, to be vehicles of kindness, acceptance, and human dignity. To use the phrase "chosen people" means that we’re chosen for a job, and this job is to be the kind of person about whom others say, "You know, that person doesn’t have a lot, but whatever they’ve got, they’ve tried to use to bring peace to others." This is what we were chosen for. And if we do not take this road, if we turn our backs on the spiritual tasks we have been given, who, then, will do them for us? Read More
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When a plane is about to land, it needs all of its power to resist its speed so that it can touch down safely. The force of it pushes with great pressure. In the same way, true spiritual growth involves pressure and resistance. We cannot expect spiritual Light to just to flow into our life and everything will be perfect. The eventuality is that each one of us, each part and each speck of every human being, will be returned to the Endless in its wholeness. But this will take work on our part. It will take pressure in the form of challenges that we face. It will take resisting and overcoming adversity. But more than anything else, it will take our ability to have the certainty that the Light force of the Creator can bring us there. Read More
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The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy is. Energy remains. In the same way, love is. Love remains. Love is a force that can neither be diminished nor destroyed. It is one of greatest or perhaps even the greatest power that can exist on this earth. If we can bring this power into ourselves, into our everyday actions, and into our consciousness, then we can create a world in which there can be acceptance and human dignity for ourselves, for others, and for humanity as a whole. This is how we will hopefully eventually do away with war. By bringing ourselves to a nonjudgmental way of seeing others, we can learn to live together in a peaceful world. Read More
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Do you ever feel that life is moving faster now more than ever before? The time between the things that we do and the consequences of our actions has been shortened through the cosmic energy. As this distance between cause and effect shrinks, many of us are finding ourselves in a place where change is almost being forced upon us. We are waking up to the need to be more conscious, to understand on the most fundamental level that there is more to life than just the bread we eat, or the clothes we put on our back, or the way we look. Through this pressure, we are becoming more aware that reality is governed by consciousness—our consciousness. When we are decent to another human being, that decency transcends. When we are kind, that kindness transcends. When we extend love and caring, that love and caring transcend. And as we let go of our robotic words and actions, we tap into a higher creative force, the Divine spark that resides within each and every one of us. Indeed, we are standing... Read More
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Within the energy of the Light of God, there is no such thing as doubt. Therefore, if we have any kind of uncertainty in our thoughts, in our being, in the way we respond to circumstance, then it’s our ego at work. Sometimes we say, “Well, things have been great for so many years, but you know what? This spirituality doesn’t work for me any more.” My response to this statement is, “Well, maybe you’re not working for it, not that it doesn’t work for you.” Just as the sun rises in the morning, the Light of the Creator is absolutely there for us now and for eternity. It is up to you and me to find a way to garner our certainty in that Light and to do away with this garbage-talk of “I am not sure it works.” I am not talking here only about the teachings of Kabbalah; rather, what I’m saying is that we must understand that in the darkest hour of our life, just as in the brightest time, the energy of the Creator’s Light is always there for us. If we forget this, then we descend into doubt,... Read More
I remember once, many years ago, I asked my husband, Rav Berg, "What do you do when you don’t know what to do?" “Don’t do anything,” he answered. "Let the situation evolve around you, and that will give you your answer. If you are really asking, then you will get the answer." Let’s say you find yourself in a situation where you really don’t know what to do. Perhaps you need to address someone, to decide if to fire someone, to sever a partnership or break off a relationship. Moreover, you are worried about hurting the other person. Whatever your concern, connect yourself to the Light and say, "God, this is in Your hands." Then just leave it. Don’t do anything else. Let the situation evolve around you. Essential to this strategy, however, is a firm conviction that “I am with the energy of the Light”—a certainty that the Light of the Creator is with us in all pieces and aspects of our life. When we have this certainty, if the person we must deal with is negative for us, he’ll leave. We... Read More
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Sometimes when we achieve certain success, we boast to ourselves, “I did it because I am so brilliant, so smart, so savvy,” so “whatever quality” we think we possess. However, when we say something like this, we are forgetting the main point. Were it not for Divine blessing, we wouldn’t be able to be who we are—that winner, that famous actor, that singer, that respected businessperson, that student, that teacher. Whatever our success, we need to understand that it is just one element of our karma to use for the benefit of someone or something else in the world. If we don’t have this consciousness, if we instead hang on to our pride (“I’m the best!”), then the energy we receive from our accomplishment is coming from the Negative Side, our Opponent, our Ego--call it what you will. In the same vein, we need to remember that if we want to have the most stunning house, the most wildly popular parties, or the most amazing whatever is important to us, simply because we want people to admire... Read More
The Zohar says that as humanity approaches the time of the Final Redemption, there will be a battle—not necessarily a battle in the physical sense, but rather a battle over the laws of consciousness; a battle that will test our ability to restrict our Ego. Crucial to winning this battle is the understanding that no matter how much we read, learn, and study, if we don’t ascend our personal spiritual ladder and hang on by our fingertips because we’re scared of falling, we’re not going to reach the next level of our evolution. I’ve said this before: no pain, no gain. We have no trouble understanding this concept in the physical world. If we don’t use a limb, it atrophies. Without effort, we don’t get stronger; we grow weaker. But sometimes—and this is just human nature—we figure out how we can take a free ride. This is why many people take drugs. They want to find themselves in that space where nothing bothers them, where they can walk away from their issues, where they can see it all... Read More
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Living life to the fullest doesn’t mean that we must drive the fanciest car, live in the most expensive house, and eat the most luxurious food. What it does mean, however, is that when we go to sleep at night, we feel fulfillment from what we did during the day. That’s living life to the fullest. Material things, even though they are pleasant for a moment or two, won’t satisfy us at the end of the day. The only thing that satisfies is something that has continuity and purpose. The Torah says that Abraham the Patriarch “came with his days” because every day he was able to attest to what he had done with his time—in other words, what he had accomplished on a physical and on a spiritual level. Living our lives to the fullest means that we should feel fulfillment in everything we do. Read More
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If we live our life just to amass all the good things of this world for ourselves, if we live only for the “me” right here and right now, if we don’t prepare for anything or think of anyone else, then we may run into some trouble down the line. We can live every day as if we are living for the next stage in our life. Every day, everything that we do has to done with that kind of consciousness. If we are truly live our life according to spiritual boundaries and laws, then we are preparing to have something better in the future because our life at any given moment is actually preparation for a place that is not full of negativity. What we do now governs what will happen to us in the future, and so our job is to live every day in the presence of the Creator, as if God were right here next to us. If we do that, then we can assure ourselves of a brighter future and a more glorious place for when our time comes to meet Him. Read More
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The Zohar and The Writings of the Ari inform us that we are born into this world with aspark of Divine Energy inside us. It is our job to eventually return this energy, or our soul, to its original source—the Creator. However, we need to bring it back “perfected” because if it is not perfected—that is, exactly as it was when it was originally given to us at the time of Creation—then it must come back to this physical world in a new vessel to try again. And if the soul does not return perfect as it was WHEN IT WAS GIVEN, the verse says about it, “thither they return,” (Ecclesiastes 1:7), it and to all the other souls WHICH ARE LIKE IT, NAMELY NOT PERFECT. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY RETURN TO THIS WORLD IN AN INCARNATION. —The Zohar, Pinchas 10:49 What does this mean? It means simply to use your time here on earth wisely! Don’t wait till tomorrow to make the changes that you need to make. We’ve incarnated in this life to give our soul a chance to mature, to purify, to become perfect and shine... Read More
Sometimes things occur in our lives that make us say, “Why does this have to happen to me?” We judge the situation (whatever it may be) and we judge the other people involved in it. What we usually don’t see at first is that whatever happens to us is a tool that serves to shape and hone the totality of our being, moving us forward in our evolution to where our soul needs to be. Many of us living in this generation are not new souls. In fact, we´re mostly old souls: people that have lived over and over again. The difficulties that present us with the greatest challenges , the negativity that arises within our being or in our experiences, are in fact the things that help us to release or cleanse something—call it an unpaid debt—from a previous lifetime. It is this process that serves to bring us back into alignment with the Lightforce of the Creator so that we can reveal our potential in this world. Read More
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When we think first about our material possessions and not about the people that are close to us, then at the end of the road, we will have no true fulfillment, no matter what we may have amassed, even if it’s billions of dollars. A full and rich life is not built on the accumulation of wealth. Rather, it is built on the fulfillment we gain through sharing and helping others: the result of family and community that we’ve helped to grow and build, of love and caring that is real and pure. Ultimately, when we concentrate only on the material, only on the desire to grow on a financial level, we often lose our relationships with our children, our friends, and, eventually, our sense of fulfillment as well. Spirituality is all-encompassing. Where we create and allow spiritual growth is where we create and allow for our own fulfillment. Moreover, spiritual Light is not extinguished when we leave our body. It is a Light that remains in our essence, in our place within the immortality of the... Read More
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A good friend of mine was having a particularly low moment. Shortly after both her mother and her dog passed away, she realized that her romantic relationship was dying, too. One morning as she was walking to the local deli to get her usual iced coffee, she suddenly felt overwhelmed by the loss of her mother and her pet. Fighting back the tears, she asked herself something, not out of acting the victim but from a genuine need to understand: “Why did this have to happen to them? Where are they now?” Thoughts and emotions were still swirling inside her when she arrived at the deli. As she waited in line at the counter, she saw an elderly woman, whom she had never met before. My friend somehow sensed that this woman was going to say something meaningful, that she might be a messenger for her. Suddenly, the lady turned toward her, looked her in the eye, and paraphrased a passage from Shakespeare: "All the world’s a stage and we are all just players. There are entrances and there are exits... Read More
Yes, a lot of us want this, that, and the other thing. Nothing wrong with admitting it: Everybody wants something. But our job is to find a way to locate that negative space inside us that we can change and convert to help us bring our energy back to our Source: the Light force of God. If we can do this, if we can learn how to return to our Source, we will understand that there is no such a thing as a victim and no such a thing as being punished. God does not punish us. Nature does not punish us. If we play around with electrical wires and don’t know what we’re doing, we are going to get a shock. That’s what happens; there is no punishment involved. We can say, “Well, I didn’t know,” and yes, it is true: All too often, we don’t know or cannot see that what we are doing is metaphorically crossing the wires. What we can do is live in a state of mindfulness—being mindful of how we treat each other, mindful about the words that we say. We need to be mindful because if I write this and I... Read More
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It is a certainty that eventually we will reach the time of what Kabbalah calls the Final Redemption—the end of pain, suffering, and death. We don’t have the date yet. We don’t even know approximately when it is going to happen. We do know, however, what has to happen before the Final Redemption can come to pass. We must become workers and bearers of Light, especially those of us who are awakened and aware of the cosmic forces at play. All of us are responsible, individually and collectively, to do our part because we are growing closer to that Divine Light Energy and becoming more spiritual, meaning that we are becoming better channels of kindness and human dignity in and for the world. Read More
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There was a place where a group of astronomers got together measuring and counting stars to determine the prospectus for the future. One of them had brought along his son. As these brilliant men and women were chatting, categorizing, and arranging, the little boy walked out and stared in wonderment at the twinkling stars dancing in the night sky, in each breath inhaling the indescribable magnificence of the awesome work and the love of the Creator. That is the energy we need to reach. Yes, facts and figures are important, but they can only bring us so far. Within each one of us is a space, a void, a place that yearns for connection. The only thing that can fill this void is the Light of the Creator. But to receive this Light, we need to be open and accepting of it—and we need to feel it in our being, not just in our mind. We need to become a beacon of Light, truth, and beauty for ourselves, for others, and for the world. Read More


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