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Tonight we mark the passing of another year in the Gregorian calendar as we welcome the new year of 2016. Many of us make commitments at this time: resolutions to change, to improve ourselves, to do things better. As we do so, may I suggest one simple commitment, which can cover many others, and that is a commitment to life, a commitment to being fully alive. A few weeks ago, we read the Torah portion Vayigash in which Joseph repeatedly asks if his father is alive. Joseph’s question, however, didn’t mean: “Is his body here?” The question was actually meant: “Is he truly alive?” But we are all alive, right? We exist. Ask anybody. We go to work during the day. We come home at night. We are with our family. We can see, smell, think, taste, touch… Of course, we are alive. Right? But how much of our time is spent in really choosing, in really advancing towards our potential as human beings, in using the time we’ve been given to further our spiritual growth? Joseph wasn’t talking about the... Read More
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Somebody once asked me, ‘You stand up there teaching over and over again. You talk with people all the time. Doesn’t it ever get repetitive?” And I answered, “Not at all. Teaching is greatest way for me to learn.” Indeed the best way to learn anything, the best way to find happiness, the best way towards accomplishing anything you choose to accomplish in this life is to find somebody you can help. Find a way to share. Find something you can do that is not for yourself alone, and in that sharing your unique light will also come through. Read More
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Abraham was one of the greatest astrologers of all time. Based on what he observed in the stars that mapped out his future, he knew that he would have no children. But we know that he did have children, so what’s the story here? The Creator told Abraham: The stars compel but they do not impel. So because of his spiritual transformation—at the age of 100—Abraham was able to change the course of his life. It is important to know that we, too, can change the direction of our life. Not everything that is mapped out for us in the Heavens needs to play out. It is written that each of us has angels that either dance or cry in our presence, but whether they dance or cry depends entirely on the words and deeds—negative or positive—that we choose to say and do. Read More
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For many, today is a special day of family, friends, love and appreciation. And yet, there is simultaneously so much pain and darkness in the world. There is conflict happening all over the place and inside each and every one of us. Why is that? Consider this: How many of us have ever been in a real argument or fight, believing we were wrong? The answer is probably none of us. We fight because we are right. And we are right all the time. The problem is that the guy we are fighting with is also right all the time. It's interesting how that works. On this Christmas day, let’s try to see things from a different point of view--to step back from the people that hurt us and consider a bigger picture. If we can step back and think thoughts like, "why is this happening to me?" and "how can I grow from it?” then maybe we don’t have to lose a great amount of things or relationships to understand that there are situations, regardless of time and space, that have to be rectified within this life... Read More
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Honesty is a quality of the Light. If we want to be the Light in a relationship, we need to be ourselves. I’m not saying concealment isn’t appropriate at times, but hiding things out of fear and insecurity is not really a good idea. Of course, honesty requires courage. When we hesitate to tell the truth, it is often because we are afraid of the consequences. And sometimes we may be afraid for good reasons! But even if the initial reaction to our honesty is messy, it is sometimes better to let the chips fall where they may. That way we allow room for something more solid and authentic to take hold. Read More
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God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. How many times in our life have we heard this line? When we feel we are completely surrounded by darkness, when we’re convinced there’s no way out, there’s no point thinking that God has it in for us. No, we have these hopeless thoughts simply because somewhere along the line, we gave up. We said, “OK, I don’t want this test. I don’t want to lift 500 pounds. In fact, I am settling for my 50-pound weights over here because I can do those easily.” Today, remember that we can reveal the greatest amount of spiritual Light through the biggest and most difficult tests in our life. Read More
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Elisabeth Kübler-Ross once said, "There is within each one of us a potential for goodness beyond our imagining; for giving which seeks no reward; for listening without judgment; for loving unconditionally." When we consciously appreciate the magnitude of what we are—a spark of the infinite Light of the Creator—then it becomes so much easier for us to share our energy with others. If we can start to connect with our inner goodness just a little more in our lives, if we can take the Divine energy that fills us and use it for the benefit of others, we can begin to experience life on an entirely different level. By connecting with this internal energy, we can be present and available for others, even if we don’t feel great, and even if everything isn’t as we think it should be. Read More
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The journey to become more spiritual doesn’t happen without some kind of pain. In order to grow, we have to confront any number of challenges. Think of the process like this. If you place a piece of coal on the table, it will remain a piece of coal. If you want to create a diamond, however, that coal must be placed under tons of pressure; it is only with this pressure that it becomes a diamond. The same thing happens with us. When we confront challenges and difficulties in life—when we are put under pressure, we can grow and advance on our spiritual path. When we really work for something, we can truly appreciate what we have accomplished and where we are when we finally reach the end game. Read More
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There is a beautiful kabbalistic story about a husband and wife whose only child has been told that he will not live very long. With all other options exhausted, the couple takes their child to a tzadik, a great and mighty righteous soul, in the hope that he can save the boy. The tzadik cries and pleads with Heaven, begging that the boy’s life be spared. Hours and hours pass, but nothing happens. Eventually, the tzadik goes back to the parents and sadly says, “I’m sorry, but the Gates of Heaven are not open. The Upper Worlds have decreed that I cannot open the Gate of Healing.” Hopeless and despondent, the parents begin their long journey to take their child back home to die. But as he is watching the family’s carriage disappear in the distance, the righteous tzadik suddenly has a powerful realization that strikes his heart. “Wait a second,” he says to himself. “What have I done?” He jumps into his own carriage and races to catch up to the young family. When he reaches them, he... Read More
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We spend a lot of time either looking back at what we did or looking forward to what we are going to do. But what happens to today... right now... the present? We constantly think about who we are going to be tomorrow, next week, next year. Consider the man who works for 50 years in a profession that he doesn’t want to be in. But he works there for 50 years anyway because he knows that when he gets to be a certain age, then he is going to retire and to take the time to have and do all the things that he enjoys in life. But who says that he will have another 50 years to do everything that he’s decided he is going to do? How many of us truly and honestly live in the present? How many of us get up and say, “Wow, isn’t it fabulous that I can see the sunrise? Isn’t it nice to have the things in my life that make me happy?” Sure, there are almost certainly some things in our life that we would prefer weren’t there. And there are things that we probably wouldn’t want to have, or things that... Read More
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As I mentioned at the seed of this year in on Rosh Hashanah, this year, 5776, is what they call a "mutable year." This year will be a year where we need to move forward, where things have to flow, where we have to be a part of the process that will move us into a new direction, perhaps even into a different vocation. The only thing that can stop us from succeeding this year is our inability or reluctance to move ahead. If we are willing to go with the tide, if we are willing to change, if we are willing to live in a year that’s not a year of illusion, then we can become a part of something beautiful and new. The world is shifting, and we are shifting with it. We are moving into a new spiritual paradigm, and all of us who live with an awareness of the force of the Light of the Creator need to tap into and use this awareness the best that we can. Read More
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It has been said that the most difficult thing for an individual to conquer, the ego that binds a person most tightly, the quality that drives a person away the arms of the Creator, is arrogance. Not stealing, not killing, but arrogance. You know why? Because an arrogant person needs nothing and knows everything. He knows that he’s right about everything, and everybody else is subservient to him. And he doesn’t bend. If we make a mistake but are not arrogant, at least we are able to admit we did something wrong. We can say, “You know, I’m going to try not to do that again.” Even a person in the throes of an addiction could potentially be open to the fact that there is a need for change and may say something like, “I’m going to try tomorrow not to do x, y, or z…I’m not going to take.” An arrogant person, on the other hand, thinks he is fine where he is. He doesn’t admit to any other possibilities, any other situations. This is why arrogance is one of most difficult things for us to... Read More
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For the world to achieve peace, there must be a complete connection between the Light and the Vessel, between the Creator and the souls of humanity. For that connection to be made, however, each of us must begin by doing our part to strive to become in unity with others in the world. Am I suggesting that we should all run across borders and embrace those who we are in conflict with? No, of course not, and quite frankly, I don’t think that will ever happen. But we can strive to respect our fellow human beings. We can live our lives with the understanding that the Light of the Creator exists in all of us, regardless of where we come from or what our religious beliefs are. We can foster human dignity, try to be a conduit of love, and bring kindness into everything that we do. As we find balance, harmony, peace, and healing within ourselves, we also bring that healing to the world. Read More
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Usually the best things happen in our lives when we don’t go looking for them. There is a story of a man who comes to King David and says, “You said that if I don’t run after respect and honor, if I just go about my business doing what I do in life, then respect and honor will just come to me. Well, I’m here to tell you that it didn’t work. I am an old man now and I’ve never had respect, nor have I ever had any honor!” In response, Kind David said, “While you were running away from these things, how many times did you look behind to see how closely they were following you?” This story is a reminder that the only way we become a “somebody” is if we make our words and actions reflect the Light of the Creator that is inside us. It is only when we are connected with the Light – with that part of us that is creative, proactive, and sharing – that we can become somebody. Otherwise, we are just an effect, meaning that we are just reacting to whatever is in our reality. We may be affected by... Read More
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If we were to take a look at how we communicate with others, we might find that there are things that we do and say that we shouldn’t, even if truth is on our side. A truth that is said with an intent to hurt is negative, even if it is the truth. For this reason, the Torah says that sometimes we can be economical with the truth. It is better to say something a little bit gray than to say something direct and hurt people. Today, be mindful of how you communicate with others and consider carefully what your motivation is when you speak. Read More
Each one of us has our own particular way of reaching our Creator. We all have within ourselves our own direction, our own way of bringing ourselves closer to the Light of God. Yet we shouldn’t forget our roots, where we came from. Even if our parents or the people who are closest to us are perhaps not what we want them to be, or they’re not moving in the same direction as we are, or they don’t agree with our ways or with who we are, we must never forget that they and the environment that surrounded us at the time of our birth, shaped us to become who we are today. We may not agree with the way our parents raised us, and we may not raise our own children that way. But, we can never not respect the fact that if they had not formed us, if our soul had not chosen to enter our specific body, then we would be not have been able to get to where we are now. Read More
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If each one of us took the principles of love seriously, the world would be a different place. I’m not talking here about "love me" because I am, or "love me" because I’m a part of this community, or "love me" because I pray one way or the other. No, the love I am talking about here is the love we have for each other and for the humanity that all of us share. Sure, as human beings, we all have our faults. And there are certainly people with deep and dark faults that they must change. But when we see fault in another, we need to understand that the fault is part of that person’s makeup and it is they who need to change, to make the correction. In other words, it is not up to us to change the person. All we can do is support them with love and understanding, while at the same time, strive to transform our own dark places. When we can love like this, we become like the Creator, and as we do so, we can bring the Creator’s healing to the world. Read More
The Kabbalah Centre is a unique community: a community where we sit, love, hug, and laugh with each other; where we see beyond color, race, religion, and all the other things that separate people and mark them as different, as the "other." The Kabbalah Centre is a community where we don’t care about our personal preferences or how we choose to find ourselves within our Creator. It is a society where we are open to the privilege of being with like-minded individuals who accept each other for who they are. Sure, each us has our negative aspects, but in this world-spanning community, we can live with together as one unit. In most of the world, people are judged by their sexual preference, by their money, by their status, by their religion, by whatever other means society chooses to judge people. The Kabbalah Centre, thank God, strives to be different because we understand that a spark of the Creator is in all of us, and it isn’t our place to judge. We are not here to be God’s policemen. Read More
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I read in the Zohar that each time we do a positive action, the energy of that action changes our very nature. This means that each time we extend ourselves to do something that is contrary to our negative nature (our Ego), we create another positive spark inside us. In reality, none of us do things for others; we do things totally for ourselves. The only one who truly benefits from your positive actions is you, but through that change, you can grow and give that positive energy to those around you, those you love, those you want to share with. Read More


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In the midst of such chaos in my life, I have been able to find peace through studying Kabbalah. Without any doubts whatsoever, I would highly recommend anyone to call. I am so thankful for The Kabbalah Centre, because it has made all the difference in my spiritual growth and development.


- Susan Perry Simpson

Kabbalah is the best gift I have had this year. But it did not come easy. It is a result of a lot of hard, focused, and disciplined work my teacher guided me through. Often I had to go out of my comfort zone to apply the tools. But the satisfaction and confidence I now feel is indescribable.

- Sam Parnaso

Now I look back and question what exactly I did and how I managed without these teachings in my life.

- Christopher Smith