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Ever since the Revelation on Mount Sinai, much has been written about the Ten Commandments that were received at that time, but very little as to the deeper meaning and the significance of their place in the historical evolvement of human civilization. And with time, the importance and relevance of the Ten Commandments has radically diminished to the point where very little attention is being paid to its doctrine. All religions that trace their origins to Revelation place only minor emphasis, if any, on its connection to the events at Mount Sinai.

The Revelation event is considered a starting point for the three major religions, with a complete set of doctrines emerging from these Ten Commandments to which the faithful adhere, more or less, depending upon their commitment to their faith. Then why haven’t the words of the original scroll of the Ten Commandments become a household matter? The answer lies in the fact that myths and fables surround this all-...

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Far removed from religion albeit completely linked to the Torah, Kabbalah and reincarnation have always drawn hostile fire from both religionists and scientists. Perhaps some religionists fear the "blasphemy" of its topic while some scientists fear the metaphysics that take it beyond the scope of their familiar environment.

Descartes' seventeenth century philosophy of strict division between mind and body led the medical establishment to concentrate on the body as a machine. Accordingly, greater importance has been placed on the physical aspects, and the field of psychiatry has been relegated to the back burner of research. From a kabbalistic perspective, the story of mankind is really one of returning souls. Indeed, no mystery in the long history of our universe is so illuminating as the universal and repeated behavior of its inhabitants.

Breakthroughs that ultimately foster bigger leaps have had very little effect on human thinking. Is our frame of...

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The word spirituality has many understandings and meanings for people. A kabbalistic understanding of spirituality draws our attention to the idea of activating the ‘creator nature’ that exists within each human being to overcome our ego and achieve our potential. By elevating our consciousness and emulating the characteristics of the Creator we can avoid chaos and live lives of lasting fulfillment.

For the reader, the title of this story will certainly seem confusing. What connection does spirituality have with chaos? Does this relationship indicate that if an individual is spiritual, then he or she can assume their lives will be free of the pain and suffering that accompany chaos? Unfortunately, the reality of existence does not bear out this supposition. Chaos appears to strike indiscriminately, without regard to people's spiritual status.

So what I would like to address is the concept of spirituality itself. To some, one on a...

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Following my previous article on immortality, the response from our readers was very mixed. It ran the gamut, from the expression of great expectations to a complete rejection of any notion that immortality is a possibility or that it is at all viable. Some people made objections on economic grounds. Present retirees, they said, were having enough difficulties sustaining themselves in old age without having to take into consideration the financial resources needed to meet the expenses of any serious or major medical disaster that over a long stretch would assuredly take place.

Furthermore, pointed out readers, with the economic uncertainty and extreme volatility that has broken out in the financial markets, the chances that an individual could realistically plan for and establish financial stability are slim. In addition, government assistance programs for retired people are quickly...

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Immortality, a possibility that has been dismissed by most and rejected by many, as though the memory of it were a curse inflicted on mankind since the sin of Adam some 5,700 years ago, is a topic up until now kept mostly in the closet. Our rational minds merely obscure the unconscious reply, “Why?” What could be so wrong with immortality, especially when death is the most feared chaos that strikes mankind?

Needless to say, death, or the fear of it, strikes an awesome chord in the hearts of most people. Immortality, or the thought of living forever, is indeed a dream that is pleasant to the minds of most humans. However, the fact that death has not gone out of style or favor – along with the cemeteries that abound around the world – is a stark reminder that death is very much a part of the human landscape. Our consciousness never has the opportunity to begin to think otherwise, or, for that matter, to think that there is anything humankind can do to change...

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What kabbalistic wisdom states about how the mind can exercise power over the body.

It has been several years since I embarked flying solo on the concept of immortality. Because the very idea of immortality is not even a dream for many people, my seemingly impossible task was met with great misunder­standing, opposition and, at times, even outright rejection.

Even for me, certain elements of my belief in the perpetuation of the physical body were not apparent at first. For example, I was not aware of the extent to which all religions looked forward to the day when God would grant our wish for immortality. In my own religious belief, as an orthodox Jew, there had been a certain awareness of this, but on a practical level, I did not dream that immortality was a reality that mankind could help to bring about. I simply believed that immortality would come about when the Lord was prepared to manifest His beneficence by bringing an end to death. During my...

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Stress, depression, and mental illness are the indiscernible plagues of the new century. What are these disorders, where do they come from, and how can you cure something you can't see? Kabbalist Rav Berg discusses the true source of stress, reveals the connection between depression and reincarnation, and provides a kabbalistic solution to all forms of darkness.

During this Age of Aquarius, each of us is on a journey toward the improvement of our daily lives and the expansion of our awareness. We are all on this journey regardless of whether our conscious, rational minds agree to it. And slowly but surely, the clouds of illusion are indeed becoming thinner and less imposing. For at the end of our journey, there is only one true reality ‑ the Light.

Much research suggests that many of today's mental and physical problems originate in the stresses of daily life.

So if stress is the cause of our ailments, it gives rise to a new...

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Editor’s Note: This article, written by our teacher Rav Berg, was previously published in the Summer 1999 issue of Kabbalah Magazine (volume 3, issue 3), though considering the current state of affairs, we find it is perhaps more relevant now than ever.

This very small and, for millennia, insignificant piece of property takes up a great deal of space in the newspaper and has the major nations of the world caught up in the politics and internal affairs of its inhabitants. For the most part, the people of these other countries could not really care less about becoming embroiled in the intrigue and personal business between the Jew and Arab that has emerged in the Middle East.

Why should they? What relevance can the outcome or solution to the Jewish-Arab struggle have for the other nations of the world? What drives the leaders of these governments to become involved with what is going on there? Why should they...

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When I was asked to share my feelings and comments concerning the relationship between Messiah and the new millennium, I immediately thought of the intense interest that has been focused on this simple changing of numbers on the calendar. Why has the millennium event provoked such amazement and awe? What is the meaning of all the preparations that are taking place? What exactly is being celebrated?

Strange as it may seem, I have not yet received a satisfactory response to my skeptical questions regarding the new millennium. It seems that when one millennium comes to a close, people’s hopes are just naturally kindled. As if by reflex, they are looking forward to an era that will provide greater meaning and fulfillment. I feel compelled to ask, however, why this new millennium should be any different than all the previous ones? Fresh millennia, in and of themselves, have done little for the betterment of mankind. Should this not prompt those looking forward to...

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Remember being a young child and wondering where you came from and why you were here? Those were not the musings of a young child, but rather, as Kabbalist Rav Berg explains, they were the soul’s attempt to show you how to get everything you want from life.

Philosophers have, for millennia, been fascinated by the question of why we are here and have written considerably on the subject. However, with the vast quantity of material available, I have found very little that is relevant to the day-to-day affairs of mankind.

Science has, thus far, been busy only with determining the beginnings of the universe, with the age of either our universe or man, being the significant factors in their search of the unknown. Yet the conclusions arrived at by science regarding the evolution of man have generated criticism from the religionists, who reject the scientific version of creation as unacceptable when compared to their own interpretation of biblical...

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